Irksome MemoriesPowerpuff Girls D

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BeeAre: What a conspicuous antenna. I’m sure it has absolutely no consequences to the story whatsoever. 8D

  • ehrgeiz0

    11/03/2016 at 11:29pm

    That scene in the fifth panel reminds me of that scene from the movie The Abyss, where Navy SEALs on an underwater salvage operation use a liquid fluorocarbon mixture in their pressure suits to breathe like a fish, and they even demonstrated it on this guy’s pet rat.

  • Glyphayel

    08/28/2016 at 6:21pm

    Aaaah, Reading Zim’s lines in Richard Horwitz’s voice is just a blessing XD

    Nice lil’ flashback though. We’ve been flooded by quite a lot of these lately, but luckily they’re really enjoyable. And we get to understand more about Bell’s life, so I’m not gonna complain.

  • Groverman62

    08/17/2016 at 2:34am

    Yay! Zim shows up again.

  • Lady Dove

    08/15/2016 at 9:20pm

    Bell is a very nice character I highly like 🙂

  • Santessen

    08/12/2016 at 12:54pm

    Also, look at the company she would have had growing up. As depressing as it is to think, as nasty as Zim is, he was probably one of the NICER people to her in her life. Sam is basically beyond everything. Mandark (assuming he was there at that point, and Mojo (same assumption) were so wrapped up in thier revenge fantasies that it is unlikely they were even really aware of her. It was her, and later Gir and basically no one else. She would have been so lonely.

  • Aros001

    08/11/2016 at 9:38pm

    Anybody else noticing the contrast? Samantha’s memories of Dr. X are warm and friendly, even though it was a difficult time in her life, whereas Bell’s memories of Dr. X are scary and dark and possibly kind of cold.

    • Plasman

      08/12/2016 at 2:13am

      This, I believe, is because of whatever happened between those events. Something happened that caused dr. x to go all evil and become this thing we see now. They talk about going underground. This makes me feel that dr. x did something that made everyone else hate him and therefore caused all this. This is most likely what Grim and Deedee are looking for, but at the same time trying to look at how to help these two people.

    • athdlg

      08/12/2016 at 3:05am

      I’m thinking this is because with Samantha, Dr. X was her savior. After a while, the feeling of salvation become dull and pointless because she didn’t understand what she was waiting for any longer.
      Bell on the other hand, while Dr. X is her father, still is and acts like a spoiled child. It was dark, they were underground, and with Bell’s childish personality, perceives many memories with her father as dark and scary because of where they live. It wasn’t necessarily pleasant because even a child wouldn’t really perceive as that kind of place to be pleasant, no matter how fun they try to make it.

  • 08/11/2016 at 8:55pm

    Great page, nice to see some more Zim again as well

  • 08/11/2016 at 5:03pm

    Little Bell is so cute<3

  • Grids

    08/11/2016 at 2:51pm

    More at this pace please BeeAre! Keep the horrible comics away, more PPGD just like today! Wa-hey!

    • PocketSand1224

      08/11/2016 at 8:46pm

      I have a quick question for you Griddles while I am thinking about it. So we see Dexter, Blossom, and all the heroes of Megaville in Grim Tales just as we do in PPGD. Does this mean that PPGD will eventually end up being the dystopia that Grim Tales becomes? I have heard from BeeAre that they are alternate universes meaning that an event supposedly happened between PPGD and Grim Tales that caused the apocalyptic world of Grim Tales but this also means it could be prevented. I recall BeeAre saying PPGD would not end the way Grim Tales does but I would like some clarification from you as I believe you to be a reliable source. I must say PPGD turned me into a pretty big BlossomxDexter fan and even though we see Dexter and Blossom still together in Grim Tales, it irks me to see him helping to raise the child of another man rather than his own child. That would destroy me. Thanks for clarification.

      • 08/11/2016 at 8:54pm

        Grim Tales is an alternate continuation of Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi, so GT is not the future of this PPGD, although events that happened in PPGD might have happened in GT as well. There was something with Samurai Jack that would explain the alternate futures.

        • PocketSand1224

          08/11/2016 at 10:30pm

          Ah ok that sums it up pretty well for me. A bit relieving too. Thanks!

    • Aros001

      08/12/2016 at 4:13am

      Speaking of Grim Tales, there is a question I’ve been meaning to ask Grids since I think he’d talked about it before, though I cannot remember which page the conversation was under. It’s about Mimi’s powers. In the comic she’s a high level telepath/telekinetic with the ability to see the future, but apparently that was not always going to be the case. I think Grids said something along the lines of reality manipulation but I could be misremembering what he said.

      This my question is: How were Mimi’s powers originally supposed to work?

    • StolenTruckerHat2

      08/24/2016 at 4:18am

      daaaaamnnnn Grids, back at it again with the pedophilia 😀

      • athdlg

        08/24/2016 at 4:52am

        Pffft, how does that have anything do with his comment? I can understand where you got the label from in the first place but not in this instance, haha.

  • OliviaKnowsBest

    08/11/2016 at 10:16am

    That antenna… Its Gir, isn’t it? If so, LET THE FUN BEGINNN

    • silvercover

      08/11/2016 at 1:37pm

      yeah, its pretty clear this is how gir got stuck to bell instead of still being with zim.

      • pelcogo

        08/11/2016 at 7:19pm

        wasn’t it already established that Samantha gave bell gir did they just retcon that

  • athdlg

    08/11/2016 at 8:29am

    Good info. I still dislike how it’s given with all these ‘meanwhile’s’ and how it’s switching back and forth. Bomb is pushed back and I kind of want to know more about that than this since I just remembered it. It’s probably fine, but it feels strange that I have to keep in the back of my head “wow what happened to everyone else, I’ll just have to keep waiting”.

  • PocketSand1224

    08/11/2016 at 6:58am

    An update that quick? Hell yes! Lets keep the train rolling Bleed. Glad to see PPGD is moving along because we all know how Grim Tales is doing right now.

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