2016 Update, Catch up, and Intent!
Posted February 9, 2016 at 6:28 am
It's been a long time guys! It's all explained in the top, but- aw hell- I've missed you a lot! I'm gonna update here sporadically with League and project related stuff! But stay tuned because League will stabilize and have a regular schedule again! But like in the comic, if you guys wanna help me out a bit or see some cool shit I got cooking behind the kimono, drop by my Patreon and consider being a delicious Patreon! You'll get some stuff for free! Exclusive stuff. And if you're burdened with so much generosity, you'll get mail from me - such as delicious postcards and limited prints! Anyway, hit me up on my feeds! Yell at me on Twitter! Peruse 3 years of my art on my Tumblr! Check out this bullshit on my Instagram! And get a hit with some PDF books/flavor books at my Gumroad! I've been a busy boy - and now you get to reap the profits! Till next time delicious readers! -M