Oh, That’s Whatever Happened…Powerpuff Girls D

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  • brandyangel

    07/16/2021 at 2:23pm

    BELL is back but we havent seen her since like 2019?

  • Sinpienii

    07/15/2021 at 2:03am

    I’m so happy you’re using bells outfit I got her πŸ₯ΊπŸ’•πŸ’•

  • HarleyVon

    07/13/2021 at 12:04am

    Ah shit Robot Jones. Good times!!

  • forever-snafu

    07/12/2021 at 7:38am

    Fantastic artwork

  • MasterCard

    07/12/2021 at 1:14am

    So is everyone just gonna get a costume upgrade? Also, I guess that’s what happened to Robot Jones.

  • silentgrace7

    07/11/2021 at 10:09pm

    So /that’s/ whatever happened to Robot Jones.

  • kiseki_heart

    07/11/2021 at 8:36pm

    This chapter was so wonderful, we got a lot of info on many things, and even got to see what Bell’s doing in this page.

    Mojo’s robot looks adorable ngl, and yay!! Gir has a scarf and a tiny sword!!

  • CaptainDragonStone

    07/11/2021 at 8:35pm

    Great to see bell again! She looks so cool!

  • 07/11/2021 at 7:58pm

    Who betting on Mojo Jojo having an reunion with The Rowdyruff Boys in the next chapter?

    • kiseki_heart

      07/11/2021 at 8:33pm


    • CaptainDragonStone

      07/12/2021 at 10:19am

      Oh man, that sounds like an awkward reunion. I’d probably never wanna see the chimp ever again lol

    • HarleyVon

      07/13/2021 at 12:04am

      Awkward family reunion…

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