Guest Episode #2 – ErMao WuThe Crawling City

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R. Merryweather


This weeks guest artist is ErMao Wu! Follow him here:

  • bendoublebeta123

    05/30/2017 at 7:25am

    ok just saw another creeper trying to prey on a little girl hopefully all panels have a meaning even though its a guest panel, anyway good job still my favorite comic on snafu and that says a lot i’ve been here for 9 years

  • 05/28/2017 at 11:25am

    You have got to stop drawing Aria so damned cute. Seriously, you’re making me feel weird.

    Also, she’s looking a little Slugbox around the eyes in that last panel. Coincidence?

  • elessal

    05/25/2017 at 9:43am

    oh my…

  • Kirie

    05/24/2017 at 10:31am

    Two Gug x Aria pages in a row! Alright! : D -^o^-
    Y’know, it says “guest *artist*”, so I think this is the real comic just with a different artist. R. Merryweather is most likely still writing it; I can’t imagine him putting fake pages in his comic.

  • Havoc

    05/15/2017 at 12:12pm

    Is that Blossom I see there in the background?

  • Lolwutpear_126

    05/15/2017 at 10:54am

    Can we please stop all the immature sexual innuendo and return to the real comic? I want to learn more about what is going on in the city Aria lives in. Even tentacle hentai and jokes about it get boring at some point.

    • FlikenX

      05/15/2017 at 12:24pm

      I wanna learn about the real world and comic, but I think it’s fine to have these guest comics back to back. Considering the series only updates once a week, I feel like the guest comics don’t take up too much time/space from the real comic. Although jokes usually get old after a week, since they’ve only popped up occasionally and not all the time, the pacing for these innuendos are fine to me. Even though I’d like to get back to the actual comic and story, I’d be okay with one more guest comic after this one before I got a bit tired of it.

    • Fred Wood

      05/15/2017 at 10:42pm

      Parororo is taking a short vacation. Be patient and enjoy the free content being produced for your consumption.

      • Lolwutpear_126

        05/17/2017 at 1:30pm

        I never asked anyone to produce this comic for me. Otherwise I’d be paying for it. Also, the so-called “argument” of it being “free, so shut the hell up” is REALLY getting old.

    • Teekl

      05/16/2017 at 8:31am

      The sexual innuendo has been as much a part of the comic as the mysterious city, since the beginning. In a way, it IS part of the “real comic”. I’m not a purv or anything (in fact I’m a girl myself) but I don’t feel like this comic would be the same Crawling City if it didn’t have that sexual undertone. In a way it’s actually very gothic. I personally don’t mind the slow burn of building suspense. This comic doesn’t really have a plot so much as it simply lets us get a taste of the world one page at a time, it’d be kind of weird if out of the blue it suddenly focused on what’s really going on in the city since it’s only been in the background up to this point. Yes, the biggest draw for this comic is the shady stuff going on, but that’s exactly why they don’t want to give it away so soon. With all due respect, I’m just grateful we can finally have a female protagonist who isn’t a bitchy Mandy clone, aren’t you? Compared to Grim Tales this is a breath of fresh air.

      • Teekl

        05/16/2017 at 8:33am

        EDIT: me saying I was a girl was because I was originally going to say “Aria being in skimpy outfits” instead of “sexual undertone” but I changed it without proofreading my reply before I posted ^^ not trying to imply that being a girl automatically means i’m not a purv or anything

        • Teekl

          05/16/2017 at 8:34am

          but I, personally, am not a purv

          • BettyBeehive

            05/17/2017 at 10:54am


  • KotoKoi13

    05/15/2017 at 10:24am

    For a moment there, I thought that were doing some hanky-panky

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