Genra JohngKayos Gaiden

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The pint sized terror has a mouth on him. Is he able to back it up.

Currently working redoing chapter 11 to give it more appeal. Had to focus on character art this entire time to give the right feel. You guys should like it.

  • JasonvonHeart

    11/19/2017 at 7:41am

    It’s the Golden boy! Jhong!

  • excerus

    11/15/2017 at 2:16pm

    …..Heh secrets

  • Megadon

    11/14/2017 at 9:36pm

    Keep working on that fist and you’ll be more than strong you’ll be golden. XD

    Wait Jhong is going to talk shit about the MC’s dad; even though it looks like only the Dean knows who the MC’s old man is. Oh if Jhong was a little older those would be fighting words. So MC let him off easy okay.

    • 11/15/2017 at 12:45pm

      Good one with the fist. Dailiger was flying under the radar up until the Stunt he pulled with Gestalt.

  • Fangirl123

    11/14/2017 at 6:37pm

    Thanks! I don’t think many artist are willing to redo their work just for the readers’ sake!!! 🙂

    • 11/15/2017 at 1:01pm

      well i am not that far in, where it makes it a tedious task. 2 pages are done with inking its the pages going forward.

  • Grandiose

    11/14/2017 at 5:51pm

    His mom was right.

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