Family BusinessGrim Tales from Down Below

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  • gumdumfuk

    01/30/2018 at 6:11pm

    This is so fucked

  • pedrofaria339

    08/26/2017 at 2:42pm

    Okay, that was dark, like really REALLY dark, but also makes a hella lot of sense, Grim is death, he’s not supposed to be able to bring life, but end it.

  • floricel_112

    04/11/2017 at 5:34am

    Ok…this is f*cked up, this is f*cked up.

  • Valkyrie_Lenneth

    09/21/2016 at 1:01am

    Mhmm… I’m trying to get a resemblance to any other Cartoon Network character based on how Junior’s soul looks… but I can’t think of anyone (I don’t think it’s Billy, though).

  • BlueLuxning

    01/12/2016 at 5:38am

    I’m guessing Junior’s real father is Billy

  • royal chipman

    09/27/2015 at 12:26am

    fuck off nergal

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