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There’s more to this family than just a fancy sword, nice goggles and a cool scarf. Enjoy the comic for what it is. Don’t ask about timelines and continuity and stuff. It hurts my brain to explain 😛

  • Trufla

    12/24/2017 at 10:25am

    The emoji kids are trying to make a living as street fighters? That’s a tough life; wonder what happened to their mom? Guess there’s another thread being worked into the expanding tapestry. I have to wonder just how you will juggle all the loose threads building up, worldbuilding is good and all, but too many ingredients can cuddle the flavor of the dish.

  • DehanM

    12/21/2017 at 8:41am

    Awww this is the Christmas special ? Was kinda hoping for something naughty again like Mandy and Santa’s special. Maybe something like Lobo getting hired to break into the castle to steal their presents only to be caught by Mandy and boom !!!

  • nan

    12/20/2017 at 7:47pm

    So let me get this straight: We have a Christmas special where The Scotsman is a jackass for no reason, and it’s all about the worst character ever invented in history, Jewel. Is there another way you can waste everyone’s tine and patience?

    • 12/20/2017 at 8:30pm

      That was kind of rude you know.
      It’s not always have to be Jewel you know?
      Sometimes some characters get their own spotlight and to shine.

      • nan

        12/21/2017 at 10:24am

        Well, the truth hurts as they say. This comic recently has all been about Jewel, with the focus just shifting to Dan Phantom. But it’ll eventually come back to Jewel, so let’s not lie to ourselves. Ever since she entered it’s been about her and no one else. Heck, this Christmas Special IS about Jewel doing something, and not just the aliens (who are in Hell for some unexplained reason), it’s about Jewel doing something “nice” for them. Why can’t it be about someone else? Why does Jewel need to be here then? She doesn’t, and that’s why it’s annoying.

        • Aros001

          12/21/2017 at 1:16pm

          I respectfully disagree, Nan. The only parts of the story Jewel has been in so far were the parts all about Chi and even with her there the focus was still primarily on Chi. She really hasn’t done or said anything that I think deserves this kind of intense dislike of her character you seem to have.

          • Sigment

            12/21/2017 at 2:48pm

            I’m with Aros on this. Chi’s been the main focus this entire time, really. It is true that Jewel was written into the story on the whim of Bleedman, much like Chi was, but to say recent pages have been “about her” is excessive. I would love to see the focus shift back to Grim Castle, but that’s not likely to happen until Chi’s found a way to take advantage of Dan showing up. For now, Jewel may actually be a nice change of pace, and I say this as someone who genuinely hates what’s happened to this comic since early days.

          • Sigment

            12/21/2017 at 11:29pm

            Her intended backstory is pretty silly, definitely. But so far, she’s just there, and is not what I’d call a protagonist yet. I do agree that as odds are, her presence in the story will continue to get under people’s skin, and continue pulling the story in a terrible direction, like Chi’s been doing.
            My only issue here is that referring to Jewel as the one recent pages have been focused on is inaccurate, in my opinion. GT’s been revolving almost completely around Chi for a long time now, and Jewel’s not done much to change that yet.
            I don’t like the role Jewel will play in GT. Not at all, really. But I’m not gonna take that frustration out on Jewel herself unless her behavior justifies it.

  • DizzyDoom

    12/20/2017 at 11:28am

    I feel like that’s too dickish for someone like the Scotsman. Hell, he KNOWS a strong woman when he sees one. His wife tore ass through an army of robots and shit RIGHT in front of him.

    • Sigment

      12/21/2017 at 2:58pm

      All due respect, but what evidence is there of her skills as a fighter? His point is valid, that a good weapon does not make up for a lack of skill. Fact is, he’s never been a “polite” person, or the type to cradle others. I don’t think his behavior is accurate, but his point of “improve your skills now, or give up and do something else” isn’t far off base, in my opinion. That being said, I have a habit of being wrong, so what do I know?

  • 12/19/2017 at 11:56pm

    Have anyone notice that the emoji family are missing their mother?
    She might have died and her kids had to survive out in the streets of Aku City.

  • Nersansa

    12/19/2017 at 8:30pm

    I have a feeling that might just happen.

  • Mexale115

    12/19/2017 at 7:53pm

    I think blossom will be important in this story

    • 12/19/2017 at 8:42pm

      Ain’t Blossom dead in Grim Tales?

      • 4N1M3 FR34K

        12/19/2017 at 9:28pm

        Yes. After Raven and Hoss died in vain, Him forced Mimi to kill Blossom. Her soul could probably be recovered in the future, though.

        • Sigment

          12/21/2017 at 2:43pm

          It has been suggested in a previous page that Blossom’s soul was used in the creation of Chi. I don’t like the idea, from a writer’s perspective, but it would explain her obsession with Mimi. Like a mother’s love twisted into something more… well, just weird.

          • Mexale115

            12/21/2017 at 6:35pm

            but you must admit that we all believed or still believe that that woman is identical to blossom

            • 4N1M3 FR34K

              12/21/2017 at 6:45pm

              Since it has been showed that Chi is the same age as Mimi, that theory makes NO sense. My theory on Chi’s origin is that she was born the same way that Ashi was, in which Blossom became so desperate to be rid of Him that she mistook a sample of Aku’s essence for Chemical X and drank it, thus conceiving Chi.

              • Sigment

                12/21/2017 at 9:30pm

                Their age is not as relevant as you think. Mimi may have been born as a normal child, but there is no evidence that the same is true of Chi. It is very possible that she could have been created literally as a child’s age rather than that of an infant. Not saying it makes sense, or calling you wrong. Just that the possibility of this being true exists.

                As for Ashi, Chi was introduced into the comic long before Season 5 of Samurai Jack aired, so her origins being like those of Ashi are unlikely, and would require a retcon of the character. Aside from that, why would Blossom ever drink Chemical X? She doesn’t need it to sustain herself, like a vampire with blood, so I’m not sure why that would happen.

                • 4N1M3 FR34K

                  12/21/2017 at 9:54pm

                  What I mean is, in a last-ditch attempt to defeat Him, Blossom would resort to the consumption of Chemical X.

                  • 4N1M3 FR34K

                    12/21/2017 at 9:54pm

                    To gain more power.

                    • Sigment

                      12/21/2017 at 10:31pm

                      When would this have happened, out of curiosity? If it was during the destruction on Megaville, that was when Mimi was already a child, and she was killed by Mimi shortly after that battle, so a pseudo-pregnancy like that would have not mattered.
                      Most important thing is that Chi was introduced years ago, and odds are that whatever origins were thought of for Chi would not be the same as those for Ashi. Giving her that backstory would require throwing out whatever origins were initially intended for her, and hastily thinking up a new one in their place, which would be sloppy writing in my opinion.

                    • Sigment

                      12/21/2017 at 10:41pm

                      Another question would be how in the world she would acquire a sample of Aku’s essence in the midst of a battle with Him, or even beforehand for that matter, mistake it for Chemical X, then willingly consume it. They may both be black liquids but I find it extremely unlikely that that would be enough for her to confuse the two.

            • Sigment

              12/21/2017 at 9:31pm

              Which woman are you referring to?

              • 4N1M3 FR34K

                12/21/2017 at 11:45pm

                I understand, you’re right that my theory is practically a chunk of Swiss cheese with the amount of holes it has. All I’m gonna say is, let’s see how the cards play out for the story.

                • Sigment

                  12/22/2017 at 12:05am

                  Of course. I mean no offense with my questions, I hope you understand. I simply was curious of your logic. There’s nothing wrong with trying to think of ideas for stories you read, and sometimes, you may even think of ideas that writers of stories such as these would be jealous of. However, it’s always good to be sure of information that has already been presented when doing so. No hard feelings, I hope?

                  • 4N1M3 FR34K

                    12/22/2017 at 12:22am

                    Yeah, we’re cool. As for my comments, it’s back to lame jokes and dank memes for me!


    12/19/2017 at 7:48pm

    Is the Scotsman and Dan going to fight

  • ShiranaiAtsune

    12/19/2017 at 7:25pm

    Hmm… I’m betting… Jewel (that’s her name, right?) is either, going to get their money back or give her groceries to… the blue-skinned creatures? (which fandom are they from?)

    • Kairukurumi

      12/19/2017 at 7:37pm

      Samurai Jack Season 5 🙂

    • 12/19/2017 at 8:41pm

      Jewel is going to invite the emoji girls to a Christmas dinner at Nooma’s place.
      That way they won’t starve during the cold winter season.

  • 4N1M3 FR34K

    12/19/2017 at 3:57pm

    I’ve had an idea for a while now for another type of GT Christmas special. Another good Christmas gag for GT would be its own rendition of “A Christmas Carol.” I’ve even determined the perfect roles for it, too:
    Ebenezer Scrooge: Grim Junior
    Jacob Marley: Eltros Walker
    Ghost of Christmas Past: Chi
    Ghost of Christmas Present: Mini-Mandy
    Ghost of Christmas Future: Mimi

  • crossoverlover232

    12/19/2017 at 2:09pm

    What on earth?! Has everyone forgotten that the Scotsman is a good person, who helps others?! Theres no way he’d be robbing those people!!

    • Aros001

      12/19/2017 at 3:01pm

      I don’t think he was robbing them. It looks more like they were fighting to see who would win the money bet on their duel.

      • nicokokun

        12/21/2017 at 2:42am

        Thank You! I was waiting for someone to explain this!
        I mean, it’s kinda obvious that the older alien is trying to make money by fighting in duels. It was just her luck that she was partnered with the Scotsman that can go toe-to-toe with Jack.

  • Aros001

    12/19/2017 at 11:35am

    “Don’t ask about timelines and continuity and stuff. It hurts my brain to explain.” Yeah, I don’t think Bleedman needs to worry about that. Ever since “I saw mommy seducing Santa Claus”, most of us have considered the Christmas specials to be non-canon.

  • Narya Anima

    12/19/2017 at 10:44am

    Cute but sad. Where are those children. I need to hug them!

  • Phantom rules

    12/19/2017 at 7:42am

    Why do i get the feeling the next page is going to have something to do with the tournament poster behind them?

    • MatDrac

      12/19/2017 at 10:21am

      I do not think so, surely Jewel invites them to dinner and to celebrate Christmas together with her.

      • 12/19/2017 at 11:52pm

        Possible Christmas dinner with jewel and nooma is my prediction.

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