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BeeAre: What were the kids saying like a year or two ago? He’s a “precious cinnamon roll”? Does that make me hip? *cracks a hip* Augh, my old man bones!

  • 11/19/2017 at 4:13pm

    Wow…OK, all right, all right…now in my opinion Boomer is…ammm…very dumb. I mean I hoped the Boomer of the chapter 3 of PPGD. Buuuuuuuuut this Boomer is super adorable :3 and with that bit of stupidity I think is cute.

    Nice job, Bleedman! I wait for my sarcastic and emo Brick and my adorable and stupid Blossom 🙂 OK no is a jock xD.

  • Nice blossom

    10/31/2017 at 4:39am

    I really thought he was better than this

  • samaccount

    10/28/2017 at 11:10pm

    Comedic “Trap” sequence is gonna happen. I feel it. It’s gona be all “ah boomer you baka. boys don’t ware skirts. Blushing happen and everyone thinks he’s cute” and he’s gona be like “see it’s not weird”. Just watch it’s gona happen.

  • dawnholic

    10/28/2017 at 8:54pm

    I, actually, like? This page?

    Like, he doesn’t actually sound that dumb here? He sounds like a logical person who doesn’t understand social constructs, but he’s using words like “subconscious” and articulating his ideas fairly well. If anything, he sounds like he has some form of asperger’s–social interaction don’t make sense to him, but he can comprehend things he cares about if he puts his mind to it. Not the kind that that gives superpowers (even though he has superpowers :p), but the regular kind that makes adults think their kid is dumb instead of just needing different teaching methods.

    Knowing how the writing skips around, maybe next few pages I’ll take these words back and think he’s just stupid. But if the writer can pull off “socially dumb and simple about most things, but not actually always stupid,” he could be an interesting character.

  • Eclipse

    10/28/2017 at 8:09am


  • 10/27/2017 at 10:59am

    let me guess, Brick gonna go tsundere on Blossom for the next couple chapters until they get along?

  • Fangirl123

    10/26/2017 at 7:48pm

    Boomer. Is. Not. This. Dumb.

    • Narya Anima

      10/27/2017 at 12:31am

      Totally agree. You know, the funny thing is that in both cartoon and cn comicses it Butch who is portrted as stupid but fandom thinks otherwise…

  • BiaBubble

    10/26/2017 at 6:43pm

    In the end, it was Butch who encouraged him, not Brick XD

  • Mr.Duns

    10/26/2017 at 4:49pm

    so this is the plot now?

  • Ashwolf

    10/26/2017 at 4:24pm

    Oh Boomer. I knew it was Butch who put him up to it!

  • B0XofR0X

    10/26/2017 at 4:23pm

    ………. :/

  • Narya Anima

    10/26/2017 at 3:57am

    It would be hilarious if Boomer mentioned that one time that Bubbles dressed as him and did weird stuff so she doesn’t have the right to talk about a lockeroom 😂

  • Horohoro

    10/25/2017 at 9:10pm

    …Bphhhh… Bwahahaha! I love this interaction! They are all such crazy idiots!

    But, I have to agree with Dehanm. I’m pretty sure that Boomer is smarter than he is currently portrayed. Not by a ton, but a truly substantial amount.

    This is still funny, though. Well worth the wait!

    • Gormless Cretin

      10/26/2017 at 1:41am

      If nothing else, he’s smart when it comes to absolute facts.

  • DehanM

    10/25/2017 at 8:10pm

    Mmm it’s funny, although not exactly how I hoped Boomer and Bubbles first interaction after their kiss would go. Then again she is chasing after him so maybe there will still be ship tease. The thing I don’t like is that Boomer is apparently a idiot. Granted I don’t remember how smart he was in the show but still, hope he turns out to be smarter and he just has like attention issues.

    • Aros001

      10/25/2017 at 8:59pm

      I don’t think any of the Rowdyruffs had that much in regards to character on the original show, other than just being very boyish. Boomer, for now at least, seems more naive than dumb.

      • domciak

        10/26/2017 at 2:18am

        he’s both naive and dumb honestly

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