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Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Thu Feb 16, 2012 5:12 pm


Boys and girls of every age, wouldn't you like to see something strange?
Then you came to the right place. Welcome, to the Cirque de la Nuit.

[------The universe we exist in------]
In the beginning, there was God, and God created Heaven, the highest plane, the most perfect world, a dimension that reflected his perfection, but he didn't make it perfectly from scratch. Every mistake he make, every decision that went wrong, every path that led to ruin, was put away and hidden from Heaven. This land was the lowest and dankest and darkest plane, the only light that populated it was from fire, burning all that it could to ash, this land would later become Hell. To hide Hell from Heaven and stop any chance of it corrupting his perfect creation, he put nothing between them, he left the blank primordial chaos and blackness that had existed for as long as God himself, be the barrier. It was a pretty good one too as it ate away at existence and was only kept in check by God's will, but enough of that. Millenia later, something finally went wrong, and that something was Lucifer, the light bringer, or Luke to his friends. There was an epic battle as Lucifer's forces led their rebellion against God, but as we all know, it failed, miserably. When you're outnumbered and are fighting against God, you should be able to see what the result is, but such is the folly of pride. God then exiled Lucifer and his minions from Heaven, throwing them down into the hungry, ravenous nothingness, and they fell, and fell, and fell. They each fell for an eternity, slowly whittling away under the constant pressure of oblivion until none but Lucifer remained, his light still shining in the night, up until he hit Hell, hard. Suffice to say, the whole experience had really messed him up, and pissed him off too. Like, imagine that anger you get the instant you stub your toe, that small, concentrated pure rage at the universe. That's how he felt, times a lot, and when an angel gets angry, even one as twisted as Lucifer, things start to happen, bad things. Now, there was nothing he could do down in Hell except rage at the raw material around him, the first and biggest temper tantrum ever. After a while, he seemed to calm down a little, act a bit more rational and stop breaking up quarks into smaller pieces. The first thing he did was pick up the remains of his comrades and put them together, not very well admittedly, he had to use some of the raw material in Hell, some of the bits of God's first attempts at Angels to fix them up, the end result was...ugly, they were the first demons.

And that, is how the the first planes, the divine planes, were created.

After that, Satan began to plan on how to get back to Heaven, he ignored the fact that what would happen would be obvious, that he'd just lose again, he ignored the fact that he should just leave things alone, he just couldn't accept that he'd lost, and the little part of him that knew he had, hated God for it. Hated him completely. So, Satan began to build. The material that made up Hell wasn't really alive, it was just pure material that the nothingness couldn't truly affect which was why it hadn't faded away over constant erosion, and there was plenty of it to use. God had tried countless times before he was happy with the current Heaven, and the remains of each useless and empty heaven made up Hell. After eons, Satan finally saw his tower built up to Heaven, his minions could now rise up to hammer at it's borders, which, kinda annoyed God. He'd throught that if Satan had survived, then at least he'd have been trapped down there for eternity, tucked nicely out of harms way, but he'd found a way to claw himself back up. Which was when God decided to try something interesting, it turns out that while the road to perfection was a lot of fun, the end result was tame and frankly, dull. So, God decided that, since it was already there, to use Satan's tower to create some new barriers. He'd already noticed corruption seeping through the walls of Heaven ever since the tower had connected to Heaven, so he decided to create a buffer zone, or just to be safe, 13 of them, ranging from largest, to smallest, to largest again as they went up from Hell. These would be the thirteen material planes of existence where natural life would eventually form. The influences from Heaven and Hell would reach each one, just at different magnitudes, with Heaven having very little influence on the bottom plane, and vice versa.
The world we exist in, is the seventh plane, a plane where the influences of Heaven and Hell cancelled each other out but still managed to mix things up and get them started. Energy was put into it, but no influence effected it either way, hence a world with almost no magic in it was created, a world where nearly everything could be explained by certain rules, but this world does't really matter, it's a dull, timid little thing, but great things can have humble beginnings.

So, the centre world, the seventh plane, is the plane where life is most abundant, the Hellish and Heavenly influences mixing together to spur intelligence into being. Now, the influences couldn't mix together as well in the planes closest to Heaven and Hell, and when life did form, it formed slowly, like, cell by cell. And the planes close to the divine planes were incredibly large too, meaning that what meagre beings did come into being could go decades without meeting another if they went wandering. The interesting thing is, that these while these beings alignment did normally depend on what plane they were closest too, they also got a good chunk of divine magic mixed into their genes. To put it like this, the plane above Hell is scarcely populated but the Beings there could take on demons and angels alike if they had too, some through sheer power, others because of creative and destructive use of their abilities and magic. All realms have the ability to give birth to Beings, creatures which have much greater power than the normal inhabitants and while they're incredibly rare in the seventh plane, in the second and twelfth plane, they are generally the only inhabitants.

When Beings die, there is also the chance for a new version of them to resurrect from the body, a being with similar powers and similar personality, at least at the start, and a different body. An example would be the boogie man, a being that came into our world from the fourth plane millenia ago. Firstly, he was a dark, shadowy blob that caused terror in man wherever it went, the first real terror that caused humanity to truly fear the dark, then he turned into a hairy beastman that hunted humans, keeping them jumpy and alert and wary of their surroundings and new boundaries, then he turned into a green shape-shifting humanoid that haunted Children's nightmares, and now he's a weird kid with horns. Creatures like werewolves and vampires and fairies and dragons come from our neighbours, the 6th and 8th planes, a few members of those races sometimes travel over to ours, and the reason why we seem to have many more nasty magical beings here is that it seems to be natural for living things to strive upwards instead of down, although, oddly enough, most Beings tend to stop at the seventh world, some just can't continue, some just liked the place and others just loved the local cuisine,

Anyway, there are a few groups that travel the realms, traders, explorers, heroes and villians, but there is one group that stands out from the rest. A circus that travels up and down, taking special and interesting creatures from one realm and giving them a chance to see other planes. Populated by Beings, magicians , freaks or just those with the potential to be great, and they're hiring at the moment. In each realm, flyers are travelling around, flying towards those who are looking for a new life, those that don't belong, those that are young and have the possiblility to join the Cirque de la Nuit!


Setting -


I'll give you a brief run through of the possible characters.

If you're from the seventh plane, or Earth, you could be a human with the gift of magic behind you, or you could be a rare Being. Beings in the seventh plane are normally quite weak compared to those of the 2nd and twelfth plane, but can still be incredibly dangerous, such as the dangerous duo, Spring-heeled Jack and Jill who terrorised London back in the 19th century who now work as acrobats in the Circus. A magic user is the Tick Tock man, who used to be an expert clock-maker and became an expert in time and who now works as a soothsayer and fortuneteller. Although, you could just be an ordinary kid that stumbled across the flyer, it's not unheard of for those who were unsought to came into the circus and join, those without magical gifts or young enough to have a trade beat into them. There is Zeon, an ancient warrior who after attempting to raid the circus back in the ninth century, was defeated but now works as one of the heads of security, after they took him in and augmented him with magic, freeing him from age and giving him command over lesser creatures.

They are also recruiting in the sixth and eighth realms but not as heavily in the seventh, so I don't want to see scores of vampires and werewolves coming in, if someone else has dibs on vampire, you can't be one, live with it.

Beings, you've got free rein in creativity (in a sense, you can make what you like so long as I like it).

If you want to be a human, you should know that those few magic-using humans are sort of a hybrid between beings and races. They show up in every race really. Such as a vampire necromancer, or a dragon with magic, or even a shaman dwarf, etc. Humans tend to get just a random dose of magic in their genes, allowing their gifts to grow in unique and different ways than other human magicians. All magicians have natural affinities but it's just a starting point, and magician can choose an area of study outside his natural preference, or even later on life specialise in two areas, but no more, as your magical areas grow, they fix. Example, the Tick Tock man would be very limited outside time magic but a younger magician, with his powers just blossoming could pull off any kind of low-class magic with the correct spell and skill, etc.

There are races that have been on earth for so long that they have even evolved slightly or more, to suit their new home. Vampires and werewolves for example, learnt to both specially feed, breed and contaminate humans.

Sometimes, you get beings that have the gift of magic too, but these are incredibly rare and you are not allowed to be one, but you may meet one, unfortunately.


-Planes- (just a few)

Heaven - ??? Unknown, all disgraced angels lose a lot of their memories of it, as well as other knowledge and power they previously have, so that they may not walk as gods amongst the realms of mortals and the fallen angels became so hopelessly insane and twisted that they cannot even truly comprehend the fact that they came from heaven, the only being outside of Heaven that truly knows of Heaven is Satan, and he is saying nothing.

Hell - Every hell that has ever existed in a beings mind, is Hell. It is in incomprehensible chaos, only fractures and parts of it can be seen at a time, it is a realm created from mistakes into the worst success that will ever exist. Pray that you will never see it.

Seventh plane/earth - It is the world around you. The only difference is that all the legends and myths you know of that involve a mystical being, are probably true. Elves, frankenstein, striga, even slenderman. Although the mystical races have slowly been dying out or immigrating to different planes as humanity has begun to fill up it's planet although a select few choose to move underground or travel to different planets, but so far, humanity is the only interesting race in it's universe.

Sixth plane - at first, you'd think it looked like a planet before the rise of humanity, with icy areas, wide lush forests, a few volcanoes here and there but you'd have to realise that it isn't quiet the same, and it's twice as big as earth, and it has a much wider range of enviroments and weathers, it is quite a popular realm because of this as there is generally one area a creature from another realm can fit in, cold, hot, windy, wet, demonic, angelic, ethereal, eldritch, etc. This is where I'd expect a lot of original magial races to come from, and unoriginal ones, such as dwarfs or orcs, or their own sub-species of vampires and the like.

Eighth plane - a gentle realm. This is not generally thought of as a land for adventures and danger, gentler and more benign magical races tend to come from here and it is thought of as a place of learning and civilisation. The cirque is oddly popular here, but only as either a sort of disgusted fascination, it's uniqueness, or rarely a chance to escape this realms (believed) dullness.



Name - (make it pronounceable guys)

Nickname - (Like if you're a Being with a history behind you, or for any other reason.)

Age - (If you're human, try to keep it in the early twenties at most. If you want to be anyone older or with a magical history of some kind, you'll have to discuss it with me.)

Occupation - (make a request and I'll see about writing one up)

Plane - (6, 7 or 8)

Gender/sexuality. (Straight, both, none or other)

Appearance - (One or two paragraphs at least please)

Being/species - (I want a good description here, of either your being or your species, since I imagine if you pick a magical species, you'll be putting your own special slant on it. Also any powers you naturally have.)

Personality - (Any bloodthirsty sociopaths and their ilk should know, that the Cirque is a big happy family, if only because anyone who makes it difficult to be a big happy family dies.)

Items - (If any, this includes special items, magic items, weaponry, etc.)

Skills - (should be clear)

History - (Let it be known, for magic users, that most magical-skills are awakened by a traumatic event or a certain set of events. Some cultures and races know and have rituals for determining if someone has magical talent and how to awaken it in controlled ways.)

Theme - (For fun)


Let's have a blast people. And try to make things epic. I don't particularly care about short posts so long as they're good.
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Re: Cirque de la Nuit : OOC - accepting all fresh meat.

Thu Feb 16, 2012 5:13 pm


Jolly Ollie - Fummfu ~ Ice-cream vendor.
Homa Tanz - Sam4books ~ Poi Performer/Odd Job worker.
Remington McCallister - Burnyourhousedown ~ Daredevil.
Kabocha - My_Little_Sister ~ Gardener.
William Livingstone - Mastermind001 ~ Magician.
Nox - Geomancer ~ Stagehand.
Sigmund Falk - Cheesemore ~ Trained Animal(s)/Stand-in.
Michael Dreiser - Innocence Abandoned ~ Hypnotist.
Benedict Der Rein - Iris ~ Ventriloquist.
Sri Yantra Kundalini - Dee Arris ~ Trainer/Assistant/Entertainer.
Marea - Asmodai ~ Singer/Entertainer.
Balthamos & Baruch - Doctress Who ~ Security/Messengers.
Gorm - Matthonius ~ Bouncer.


Name - Jasper, formally Thesper

Nickname - Jasps, if forced to make one up. He's normally just called "kid."

Age - 18

Occupation - Clown

Plane - 7

Gender/sexuality. Whatever dude. Considering the range of sizes, shapes, colours and dimensions he's seen people exist in, little things like gender tend to go out the window in anyone. Mainly because it get's tricky to tell the differences. He was already leaning towards bi beforehand.

Appearance - http://fc03.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2011/ ... 3aph5l.png Except neater. He takes great care of his clothing, appearance and hygiene. He normally has a sort of half-smile slapped on his face, as if he's chuckling at some inside joke only he can see. Pretty mellow expression overall too. Wears large shoes but has quite normal feet. A couple of small yellow fangs and his nails are a dirty yellow too, but trimmed neatly. He's got bags under his eyes but the darker make-up around them hides it. His jacket is dark black but has purpe lining and a purple inside, his shirt being a slightly lighter shade. His clothes fit in with the circus's colour theme perfectly, looking like a perfect civilian of the circus, which ironically makes him stand out. Perfectly neat and tidy normies don't fit in here.

Being/species - The resurrected form of the boogeyman, previously the shadows that hid the dangers of the unknown, previously the primal scream, previously the fear behind a man's eyes. A new being born from Oogie Boogie.

Personality - Friendly and cheerful, for the most part, sometimes he may seem a little stressed or on edge. Determined to be helpful and well liked and overall, a nice guy to be around. He's a little quiet and shy normally but is easy to pull out of his shell, otherwise he'll either just sit quietly and fidget or look for someone to help out and be useful. Agreeable and at first glance, a bit of a pushover, but there is steel in there somewhere which can be seen at times, but he's smart enough to know when to hold his tongue or when he can just tell them to bugger off. He doesn't like to hang around kids for a long time, the younger they are, the more he wants to keep away from them, that would be his one worrying quark. He also seems to be more tolerated by the other members of the circus, possibly because of him being the new kid, possibly because of his awkwardness or neatness, who knows.

Also, a bit of a romantic when the mood takes him or he takes a fancy to someone, that would be when he get's a little dramatic and flowery, and frankly, stupid.

Items - Juggling balls, a lighter, small sewing kit, plasters, a make-up kit and gum. Oh, and some other stuff which you don't need to know.

Skills - He's a jack of all trades when it come's to circus skills, but just skills, not qualities. For example, the only magic he can do is fake. He's a good medic and seamstress (don't know the masculine version). Good with kids, he seems to exert a calming aura over them. Knows a lot of languages and can pick them up just by listening or reading a lot of it. He's also a master of Capoeira, which is basically dancing mixed with beating the crap out of people, sometimes with sticks, he tends to wing it. Oh, and he plays the trumpet.

History - ???

Theme - I can't decide



Name - Orcus.

Nickname - He doesn't have one, and even if he did, you sure as hell wouldn't get to say it. Hell, you don't even get to call him Orcus, you'll call him Sir if you're ever unfortunate enough to have him talk to you. You see, you don't get to just walk up and talk to him either, in fact, now that I think about it, just stay out of his way.

Age - Let's just say there aren't enough fingers and toes in the circus to count it up, and that's including the amazing Manji, the man with a thousand hands, well, nine hundred and ninty-nine after that incident with the dwarf and the grilled rat.

Occupation - For the circus, the Medium.

Plane - 2

Gender/sexuality - Whatever the fuck he feels like.

Appearance - http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2 ... nigami.jpg
He appears as a living shroud of blackness around what is hopefully a humanoid shape, pretty much the classic appearance of the grim reaper, or Charon even. Although this is just when he's calm. When angered or annoyed, his body repositions into a more aggressive appearance, the one in the picture above, spikes and shards and blades of black making up his perimeter, a very alien shape to see. He seems to be able to horrifically warp his own body, even to the point that he once managed to force his way down an enemies mouth like a serpent and then expand and retake his original form of sharpness and edges, tearing the enemy apart from the inside. Whatever the hell is under that cloak, isn't pleasant. There's some minor debate over whether it would be better if nothing was under it. The only contrast of colour or shade is the skull which shifts form as much as the rest of him. Maybe from a true grinning human skull set inside a hollow, making it look like a floating head under a hood, or just a ghastly mask.

Being/species - being.

Personality - Imagine the permanently angry uncle at reunions at holidays. Except he's not got any charm, there is no heart of gold hidden under the facade of a jerk, there is no affection to a chosen few. The closest thing you could get to likability from him is a haughty respect, which only Madamn seems to hold.

Items - Just his classic scythe, one which can also shift forms slightly, length, width, size, etc.

Skills - There aren't many that are much use in civilised society and it's not like he'd demean himself to manual labour. He's a fantastic pianist though.

History - ???

Theme - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTIQhTdy4ZU


Name - odysseus

Nickname - Shade

Age - 9

Occupation - Illusionist

Plane - 11

Gender/sexuality. From certain...moments, it seems he's straight.

Appearance http://s3.amazonaws.com/data.tumblr.com ... BLDJkuw%3D
A skeletal and ghastly figure that's covered in the strangest material, soft to the touch but hard to brush past without catching, a staticy feeling tends to spread along anything touching him. He looks like something born from a child's mind, simple, yet with depth. His physical being falls apart in his lower half, being made of up little substance so it's like his lower body is made of smoke while his top is solid. Black skin and being that makes him looks like a paper man cut out of the night. Out of spirit to the circus, he added a diamond and striped neckbrace. His eye sockets are empty but he says they're simply looking somewhere else.

Being/species - Shade - Shades are echoes of possibilities. There are an uncountably high amount of them but they don't really exist either, they're just imprints from other planes. Some shades are stronger than others and can be seen sometimes, they are the little things you notice out of the corner of your eye, the little edges of blackness. These ones tend to be the possibilities of great leaders or inventors, people who could have changed the world forever somehow. And then there is Odysseus. The only reason it's been decided that he's a shade is because there simply isn't anything else known that he could be. He shouldn't be sentient, shouldn't be memorable, shouldn't even be noticable, but he is. He's just as real as any other member of the circus. He even has memories of his life but he remains tight-lipped and bitter about it, the reason behind his anger being, so he says, that he should have existed.

Personality - A little bit morbid and ghoulish. A very dark sense of humour, he's the type of person who could function in society but wouldn't be particularily liked and just above the point where a white coat is strapped onto him until he lightens up a little. A twisted echo of a human, of whomever he was. In the circus however, he fits right in amongst the monsters and freaks. He says he's a lot happier amongst this new company. He stands out more too, has come out of his shell and is a regular voice in discussions.

Items - None.

Skills - Illusions, deception and viola.

History - ???

Theme - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dbOTpKnMQPM



Name - Rebecca hawthorn.

Nickname - Madamn.

Age - 314

Occupation - Doctor

Plane - 7

Gender/sexuality. Straight.

Appearance - http://www.freewebs.com/yumekai/galleries/guu07.jpg
A plain white doctors coat. Her long pinkish white hair is typically tied back in a long ponytail behind her. Simple pearl earings are the only jewelry she possesses. She prefers to go barefoot around the circus but keeps a pair of plastic gloves on most of the time. 6 foot tall, medium build with a flatish chest and lack of noticable hips. Pink eyes that aren't fluffly or nice or even remotely warm. Clean perfect teeth and smooth skin but a sharp tongue and a cold heart hide underneath. She walks with a determined stance, knowing that people will get out of her way, there is no question of barring her path. You either go left or right, or you get sent above or under her.

Being/species - Being. She is simply incredibly strong. What other Beings may possess in magic or physical ability...it's like she'd put all her starting points into strength, and she started with twice as many points as everyone else. She could probably destroy a country if she put it, literally. As in, smash the heck out of it. She can take a lot of natural damage too, such as heat, cold, physical force, etc.

Personality - Businesslike, but protective of...some, of the circus members. She's made it her business to keep an eye on everyone, make sure no-ones starving or something. She has a mild interest in biology, often offering monies in exchange for a quick dissection to new-comers, sometimes she'll often to add in augmentations for quite a fee. Be it dragon breath, mermaid gills, basilisk eyes, whatever.

Items - A lot of minor medical equipment, made out of iridium, so it's good and strong.

Skills - Medicine, games and violin.

Name - Arcaues Xenon.

Nickname - Tick Tock.

Age - 216

Occupation - Fortuneteller

Plane - 7

Gender/sexuality. Asexual.

Appearance - http://art.ngfiles.com/images/45/dawn-b ... -morte.jpg
He wears old and ragged, dark victorian clothing over a metalic body. It's unknown how much of him is still flesh, except perhaps to Rebecca who has been assisting him in the surgeries in the last century or so. He wear's an overly large top hat and four thick metal spider legs jut from his back, normally staying folded up it's just like there are four metal rods there instead. Glowing green lenses instead of eyes, that look like spectacles built into the face. Silver robotic teeth whir eerily up and down when he eats or talks, normally not in sync with the words he's saying. He tends to twitch a lot also, he blames it on glitchy circuitry. The metal is a dark grey, the clothing darker still. Ragged trousers, bare metal feet and hands. An old tattered vest underneath a slightly less tattered jacket reaching down to his knees.

Being/species - Human, but born with magic. Time to him, wasn't simply a fourth dimension to be moved through, he was always fascinated by the passing of it, the change of seasons, the aging of mankind, the progress of the world around him. When his magic blossomed, he learnt he was naturally talented with time magic, being able to slow and speed it up even at the very start, even how to stop it, if you can call it that. It's more like when pulling a saw over a piece of wood or playing a glitchy game, he jutters around the place, making it very hard to know where he's going or coming from. He can even reset the world around him, knocking it just a second back. He is currently trying to find out how to perfect time reversal, already having accomplished how to keep things in perfect stasis, being how he's managed to keep himself alive all these years.

Personality - A terrible thirst for knowledge, at any cost. Specifically knowledge on the nature of the universe. He is probably the most scientific member of the circus and the most knowledgeable of those areas of math and science. He can understand Einstein's theoroms, even doing his own experiments into the nature of light. He's the type of man who reads books in order to better himself, about a third of his books are great classics, first editions of course. He's generally one of the nicer members of the circus, if mildly erratic, and so long as you don't get in the way of his goals. He's a little amoral, although he claims he's simply a bit of a sociopath, and then he starts laughing.

Items - Toolkits of tiny, alien tools. He has numerous little gadgets built into his body too. Blowtorchs, drills, plugs, etc.

Skills - Mechanics, science and the harp.

History - ???

Theme - (For fun)



Name -
Red and Blue.

Nickname - The clowns.

Age - They just showed up one day, but they've been around the circus for over a thousand years now.

Occupation - Guards, patrollers, hunters, bloodhounds.

Plane - ?

Gender/sexuality. None.

Appearance - Their appearances vary somewhat, but Red, Blue and Purple are pretty similar. Purple is slightly more muscular that Red and Blue, creepier looking too, he looks much more organic and "put-together." Red and Blue are made up of their respective colours, mustard yellow and sickly white. Purple has more shades that Red and Blue but is pretty much the same colour scheme. Black looks more alien than those three, elongated head and a weird face not unlike the serpants from Alien, except more malicious. While Red, Blue and Purple are their three respective colours and white, Black has black skin instead and a darker purple trim than Purple's trim and that is it. He also tends to drip stuff over the place, and whatever it is, it's nasty. A minion poked a droplet of it as Black passed by and found the stuff suddenly trying to eat his hand, which it did, as well as the rest of him, before seeping into the ground. He also has rows of fangish teeth behind his lips, unlike Red, Blue and Purple who just have ordinary teeth.

Being/species - They're violent as hell, whatever they are. Prone to mad cackling and giggling, Black's being higher than the other three. They're much stronger and faster than they should be for their mass and freakish build. No fangs or claws, just long elongated fingers. They don't seem to have any weaknesses, beign pretty damn resiliant to everything equally.

Personality - Horrible, violent and a nasty genre of pure evil. They love it when a guest breaks the circus's laws. No creeping into circus folks' tents, no causing fights, no stealing or sneakery around the place, and they always know. Even if a member of the circus breaks these rules, they'll begin to stalk them, waiting hopefully for the order to begin the fun. Only Black talks in anything other than an insane gibber, he is their leader and master, Purple is next in command, with Red and Blue at the bottom. Black likes to haunt lonesome children, seperated from their mummies and daddies, whispering the terrible things he'll do to the child if it doesn't leave before closure. They are a group amongst themselves, completely seperate from the circus cast.

Items - None.

Skills - Hunting and fighting.

History - ???

Theme - (For fun)



Name - Jack and Jill.

Nickname - The Twins.

Age - 126

Occupation - Acrobats.

Plane - 7

Gender/sexuality. Both.

Appearance - Thin and elegant mainly. In the olden days, they used to wear plain black clothing but these days, they enjoy a slightly more vibrant ensemble. High boots, capes, mysterious masks and stylish capes, the young twins always end up being fan favourites of the crowds. Jack has short black hair, while Jill's is long. Jill makes sure to wear neat and undamaged clothes while Jack prefers his old comfortable ones. Those are the only differences between the two physically. Well, apart from the *motions at chest area*

Being/species - Beings. They have increased regeneration, strength, speed and agility. Very good agility with a ridiculous jump, which leads to a very nasty kick also. An other ability is that when they're together, they can tell where everyone is and who everyone is in their vacinity.

Personality - Well...they spent their early years creating the murders that would lead to the legend of Jack the Ripper, as a game. Jack won. They'll perfectly happily slit your throat from ear to ear if they think it's worth a laugh, ignoring that they're oodles of fun to be around, so long as you can take what they call a joke.

Items - Throwing knives, ropes, a small sewing kit, smoke bombs and a few poisons, mainly to cause paralysis.

Skills - Gymnastics, surgery, needlework and Jill can play the xylaphone and Jack the drums.

History - ???

Theme - (For fun)


Name - Zeon.

Nickname - Zee.

Age - 628

Occupation - Co-Head of security and personal.

Plane - 6

Gender/sexuality. Straight.

Appearance - Heavily armoured, a real melee fighter to look at. Red velvet trim and ancient ornate metal. Glowing yellow eyes as well as glowing white gem-stones around himself. A big F'ing sword and spiked gauntlets, his plate armour has bladed edges meaning you'd better be careful if you get in a grapple with him as a knee, kick, elbow, shoulder or even face smash will care some serious bleeding. His height if 6 foot 6, a muscled build and wide shoulders.

Being/species - Normal human but gifted with immortality, durability and command over lesser creatures. His voice has harmonics that demand obediance, that taps into every creature's ability to bend at the knees. Most creatures can shrug it off though, for example, it wouldn't be strong enough to get the average human to kill a loved one. Still, he makes a nasty use of it in a fight as all he has to do is shout "stop" and that moment of hesitation is all that's needed in a battle. Also has a mild control over fire but only to the point that he can manipulate it slightly.

Personality - Serious and a bit bloodthirsty, but generally okay. A little obsessed with winning though, by any means. Things like honour or fair play just translate as stupid handicaps to him. Ignoring that, he does respect duty and responsibility to his word, if he says he won't cheat, he won't. He's not an overly complex man, at least by modern standards, he hasn't bothered to investigate the changing times like others have. If eh comes across something interesting, fine, but he keeps his interests narrow. Warfare and battle. Interesting relationship with Kevin, sometimes they're fine, sometimes they're great and sometimes they're desperately trying to lop each other's limbs off.

Items - Classical flaming sword, reinforced armour and his left gauntlet can emit a shield outlined by beams of light.

Skills - WAR AND CHAOS. Fighting, minor mechanics and maths are his things. He can strum out a good tune on the guitair though but he prefers it's predecessors, like the lute.

History - ???

Theme - (For fun)


Name - Marvern Yane.

Nickname - Yoki.

Age - 1224

Occupation - Guide/ Co-head of security and personal.

Plane - 3

Gender/sexuality. Both

Appearance - http://images.wikia.com/elegante/images ... bulous.jpg
A little ridiculous looking, but he fits in well for the circus. Plain shoes and trousers, a satchel hudden under his cloak, gloves and a worn-looking staff with a red stone in it with wisps of smoke that dash around erratically inside. He always walks around with a big grin, laughing, smiling and being an absolute delight if he can pull it off. His clothing always remains undamaged, although clean is another matter. His build is like that of shall we say...a young adult perhaps. 5 foot 10 and not very muscular looking, although he's stronger than he looks.

Being/species - Youkai, a monster, of sorts. The 3rd plane's species tend to vary, each generation throwing up a moderately different type of creature. There aren't that many different species anyway and there are a good few Beings around the place so the place is pretty caried for each living creature there. Most of the Youkai tend to be pretty good magic users and shape-shifters as a side-effect. Each of them has vast reservoirs of magic bubbling around inside them and can pull magic from the area around them too, but once they've run out they're pretty harmless. Most of their enemies in the 3rd plane tend to simply win by overpowering them through sheer force, wearing them down until they smash through their shields, swiftly and quickly so the Youkai can't simply flee. Youkai are quite a popular dish in the 3rd realm as they tend to give their predators a power boost when devoured.

Personality - Harmless pranks are his forte, buckets of water on doors, whoopee cushions under pillows, tacks in shoes, etc.

Items - Magic powders and oddities, who knows what weird item will be pulled from his mysterious bag? Him, that's who. Generally though, he can be seen with a clipboard and pencil.

Skills - Organisation due to a perfect memory, alchemy and chemistry, a real knack for the flute.

History - ???

Theme - (For fun)


Name - Kevin.

Nickname - Bonehead.

Age - 96

Occupation - Co-head of personal and security.

Plane - 7

Gender/sexuality. Straight.

Appearance - http://pictures.fanart-central.net/v/VanKid/575068.jpg
Old-fashioned clothing, making him look a little like an old-style cop from the movies. Tall and thin, obviously, 6 foot 3 with wider shoulders than a skeleton should have. There's not much to be said about a guy's expression when it's just a skull, so we'll skip that. He like's the colour motif of black and white a lot, with dashes of grey so it doesn't clash too horribly. Metal buttons and buckle, his hat actually has a metal rim so it can be used as a weapon in a pinch, that secret edge has sliced open many a surprised enemie's stomach. Smart clothing normally, fondness for casual suits, and gloves and scarves are a must.

Being/species - Resurrected human. He has a natural affinity for fire when he was alive, but never realised it until he came back to live. Now, he's just really tough to keep down, repeatedly springing back up. He doesn't get tired so he can go at peak efficiency forever if he wished to. Fire manipulation is one of his biggest strengths but the one he uses the most is that he can really take a pummeling while dishing it out. Best strategy is to just get him out of the way somehow instead of actually winning the fight, it's generally not worth the energy.

Personality - Black humour, but a good man. Determined to look after anyone and anything inside the circus, dedicated to his work too. Hates Zeon, most of the time, it goes back and forth. He recognises the fact that he respects Zeon better than Zeon feels about him. Soft spot for kids and innocents, no time for troublemakers and those he deems as "lost causes." A highly moral man too, which causes problems sometimes.

Items - A pistol, spiked knuckledusters, a lighter and a packet of smokes.

Skills - Martial arts and other unarmed fighting. Detecting evidence and other police work. Good on the cello.

History - ???

Theme - (For fun)

Kistmect/The cult of faces.
A cult obsessed with bringing about a list of prophecies spoken by an immortal schizophrenic mental cripple. This wouldn't be so bad if the prophecies weren't always correct. The only good thing about them is that they're pretty random in their goals. Traditionally they are ruled over by four masked leaders, each with a unique mask. All others wear a simple wooden mask with eyeholes, in honour of their holy Seer. Effectively forever as they're bloody difficult to get off. Partly because of magic, mainly because there's a bloody nail through the forehead of it, that's stuck inside your skull and tends to kill those that managed to bypass the magic and pull it out. It also tends to mean those that join the cult, stay in the cult, their kids too as a mask is placed on any child born into the cult, which grows along with it.

Keto - High Priest.
The unofficial leader of the cult, and agreed by all, even by some of those inside the cult, to be one of the nastiest maniacs to ever taint the ground with his passing. You can't argue with results though, or he'll kill yah. He has an uncanny knack for controlling people, understanding them down to the core, swinging the crowd to his side to the point that some would sooner side with him than the legendary Kist. Could have something to do with the fact that they've only talked to Keto. The High priest of the Cult, knowing all the First's prophecies, including the ones the First doesn't even know he said.
Karo - Intelligence.
The most secretive and cautious of the group. Also the 2nd in command due to his reliability because f his predictability. Keto knows that Karo would kill him if he thought it was without risk and would benefit him overall, but it doesn't, so they work okay together. He's a simple guy to understand once you know his goals. He works a lot on studying and gathering information of the outside world, making him possibly the best contributor to the cult's success.
Kolu - Civil control.
A sadist who delights in torture and pain. Gets along quite happily Keto's leadership. He keeps an eye on the common cultists, making sure they obey their teachings, keep them away from the outside world, purging them of corruption. He likes purging. A fan of torture and fear tactics. If Keto rules by love, than Kolu rules by fear.
Kiga - Researcher.
A scientist and magician, in charge of researching new spells, rituals, medicines, etc. His post has suffered under Keto's dominance but as the 2nd most recent member of the four leaders, he would have little influence, even if he had a way with people. No matter though, he makes do with what he has.
Kist - Seer. The First.
A tortured soul, wandering the realms wherever he can. In the last century, escaped into the 7th realm from the 6th, desperate for some kind of escape, from anything. All he got was more stares and fear from the Victorian age, abused, beaten, broken repeatedly. Just like in the 6th realm. Things have gotten a little better recently, people tend to take pity on him more often in the 21st century. He hangs around deserts and other barren landscapes, only scarcely touched by humanity, a few shops every couple of hundred miles, one or two villages in the same area he frequents every now and again, if he the urge for human contact and the hope for change overwhelms his fractured common sense.

Other people.

Creatures like this like to hang out in dark, secluded areas away from the light and large gatherings of people. Cowards each and every one of them. Unfortunately, because they like to stay away, they tend to swell in number every century or so and swarm out of caves and mountains like locusts, their confidence swelled by their force of numbers. The first wave's long arms reaching up to the village walls and the others swarm over them in an singular urge to feed. It's suspected that in their primitive forms, millennia go, they could find their victims by the smell of their body as their prey's blood pumped in fear. Now, they've evolved to be able to sense and feed off those emotions also, which means that once they've invaded a town, the citizens fear and panic drives them into a wild blood-lust, berserkers that fight them often send the creatures into their own uncontrollable rage. Two crazed monsters tearing each other apart. Thankfully while their bodies are light and flexible, allowing them to travel and enter nearly anywhere, they are also quite weak. Their bones seem brittle and malnourished to the naked eye, as they can be seen protruding under their skin. Their only offensive abilities are their numbers and their ability to instill fear with both their appearance and sound, and exuberance of pheromones. Mercenaries are often hired by towns to travel into nearby caves and cull them every decade or so.

Lone, solitary, and weak, creatures. Typically formed from the remnants of tortured or violently departed souls. Normally they quickly fall apart by a stray beam of sunlight or perhaps someone with mild psychic abilities or even just in time. They love to hang around battlefields and graveyards, feasting off echoes of souls, off their previous memories, experiences, wishes, etc. If this is allowed for long enough, they may grow powerful enough to skip out the middle man and start looking for a fresh victim instead of scavenging around. A stray wrath of this power is a horrific thing for a minor village to deal with as by this time, it's probably become powerful enough to shrug off sunlight, or holy words. If the local priest dies in his quest to defeat the creature, whom one of his duties was to not let it get this powerful, the village will have to send off for a mage or bishop, a professional to take care of them. They are immune to most physical harm, they're like fighting air which can turn solid and claw your stomach open. Thankfully they rarely grow to be a threat as it's common for battlefields to have priests sweep over them and cleanse the area, as well as graveyards periodically.
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Misc or other. Such as art, music, legends, etc.

Fummo's submissions.
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Name - Ollie

Nickname – Jolly Ollie

Age: 25 winters – Died Age 10
Occupation – Ice-cream Vendor

Plane - 6

Gender: Male.
Sexuality: N/A

Appearance –
Ollie is an Icewraith from the frozen tundra’s of the 6th plane. Ollie stands roughly less than 3 ft tall.
Apart from being short he also has slightly stubby arms and legs. He wears a blue/grey stout, heavy layered tribal jacket (Inuit) made of fleece and decorated with various edible hanging ice-cream cones over his form. The coat is lined with fur of a white Caribou. He wears a pair of large grey gloves, made of wool, and a pair of thick brown leather boots on what appears to be his hands and feet. Around his waist is a leather strap that can carry up to 3 medium cartons of ices-cream and on his right is a holstered large metal scoop.

Ollie always wears his hood and where his face should be is just a shadowed swirling cold mist, except for 2 pale glimmers where his eyes should be. The image of a vulnerable little boy, whose over-protective mother appeared to have dressed him for the next ice age, is lost in his aura. It is not just chilling to the touch; it is an aura that whispers a tale of death.

Being/species – IceWraith/Tormented Spirit – Frost elemental

The nature of Ollie’s current predicament is a sad tale. His tragic death gave birth to another lingering soul, a wandering wraith born of the season in which it died.

An IceWraith spawns as an icy incorporeal/spectral version of the deceased devoid of most of its former self.
Nothing remains of its fleshy form and more tragically its personality and emotions.

Wraiths are by definition; Spirits. Some are malevolent while others wander but they are dead, stone cold dead.

Wraiths embody winter itself and give off an icy aura that intensifies the closer you are to it and also a chilling realisation that this was once a person like yourself.

While being able to continuously generate the frozen aura, Wraiths can also channel it into something tangible (like a crude sword or dagger) or into its surroundings e.g. freezing the ground creating deadly icicles (This is used mainly in defence) or walls of ice or a protective globe. Most Wraiths are known for the annoying ability to spit serrated icicles at their enemy.

Be warned! Don't stick your hand near a malevolent Wraiths head. Within the swirling mist, below its pale shimmering eyes await a maw of razor sharp icicles that can shred your hand in seconds.

But where frost is its strength, fire and heat is its weakness.

Wraiths can handle an average temperature of up to 25 degrees Celsius with ease, but if it keeps rising, the Wraith will slow down and put all its energy into keeping itself cold, therefore forgoing any other actions.
In cases of fire, it can be instantly fatal if the wraith doesn’t act fast enough, it can be destroyed on the spot by intensified fiery projectiles.

Normal non magical weapons have little to no effect on the spectral form, causing it to scatter into fragmented wisps only to emerge moments later.
Holy or magically enchanted weapons can kill or banish the wraith, giving it the peace it deserves.

Interesting fact: Wanderers are called so because they are searching for something. Moments before death the thing the being desired most becomes the object of desire for the rest of its existence. It will spend lifetimes searching and only then can it find peace.

Personality - (Any bloodthirsty sociopaths and their ilk should know, that the Cirque is a big happy family, if only because anyone who makes it difficult to be a big happy family dies.)

Items - Ollie carries
- 3 medium cartons of ice-cream: Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.
- A large metallic spoon that curves like a scythe at the other end allowing for a bash/slice effect.
- Edible ice-cream cones that are stacked together and dangle from his hood.
- A snow fox tooth necklace his mother made for him before he died

Skills -

History - (Let it be known, for magic users, that most magical-skills are awakened by a traumatic event or a certain set of events. Some cultures and races know and have rituals for determining if someone has magical talent and how to awaken it.)

Theme - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rog8ou-ZepE&ob=av2e
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Name – Homa Tanz

Nickname – Soot(ie)

Age – 25 years old (believe it or not)
”Call me a hag and it won’t be just your tongue you’re losing.”

Occupation: Poi Performer/Odd Job worker (formerly worked under an apprenticeship at Boston's Best Chimneys)

Plane – 7th plane

Gender/sexuality – Lesbian
”And proud of it.”


”Can’t we just skip this bullshit?.”
Homa is in simplest terms the bastard child of a fire elemental and a human female. Events surrounding such circumstances are frankly lost to the ashes of history.
It was said that she was born with ashy, unnaturally dry skin, a trait that would stick with her for a lifetime. Soot sticks to her as if her body was a magnet of filth. Any attempts to get herself clean ends in failure so Homa really doesn’t bother with that stuff. She instead chooses to cover up her skin in layers upon layers of clothing, preferably of the dark and mundane sort. The fact that she gets cold in even a temperamental summer contributes to her chosen style of dress. The only places she appears to be comfortable in seem to be primarily hot and dry environments, the desert especially. She could even walk on the surfaces of active volcanoes with nothing short of a slight sting. Homa just has this naturally affinity with fire, and anything related to it. Smoke and ash is comforting to her, and if anything does more good for her lungs than bad. Lung cancer really is the least of her worries. She’s way more afraid of leaving one of her spare gloves home more than anything. (However, every now and then she likes to show off her ashy skin with pride, and a few other noticeable traits)

Other noticeable include her slightly pixyish ears and prematurely grey hair (it started greying at the age of 13, and at the present moment strands of hair are beginning to slowly fall out). Neither trait bothers her as much as how much soot seems to stick to her skin, but she has had her fair share of childhood bullying. For the most part, she has always been regarded as a freak, no matter what she had done to try and hide it.

Bastard children of elementals aren’t unheard of. A lot of them tend to be affiliated with one of the four main elements, although a larger amount seem to be bastard children of the lesser known subelements (ice, magma, mud, ash, smoke, dust, salt, lightning, light, etc.) who don’t entirely belong within the limits of a single elemental nature. But all of them do have an affinity towards nature, something that they don’t take for granted. Homa has heard certain tales about such beings like herself, half human/half elementals struggling to find a place in the world where they aren’t unwanted freaks. A lot of them tend to be homeless wanderers, or simple menial laborers, but none of them ever throw themselves in the open. Whether it be guilt or something much more serious, the deeds of their parents is something that they will never see fit to understand, and indeed they are an easily angered people.

To poke at a Genasi’s (for that is their name) past and appearance is often an invitation to a strained relationship. Some take it as an insult to their personal being, while others see it as a sign of ignorance. But they are also a naturally curious people, a trait that allows even the most stubborn Genasi to eventually open up to a possible friendship with another being.

What magic they inherit from their parents, depends entirely on the elements. For Homa it’s her natural affinity towards fire. She can’t by any means control the element. It is merely independently attracted to her. She could draw it in, but she cannot place any needed boundaries between her and the specific element. This does not stop her from performing amazing feats, bear in mind (well, when compared to the average human being).

The glowing ember color of her eyes and forehead tattoos are a strange case. Normally her eyes appear to be hazel and her forehead to be bare (save for tattoos) but whenever she gets enraged both glow a vibrant shade of amber. This is a good sign that you might need to keep clear of any spontaneous combustion. As whatever magic she does have will come into being during these outbursts. Creating fire is a certain ability she cannot control by will alone, however. Homa has neither the patience nor the serenity to fully endorse it. And whenever it happens, it only seems to cling to her, as oppose to spreading to its surroundings.

A natural attraction to the element they were born of is a curse many a Genasi are forced to overcome. It’s often considered a part of a Genasi’s aging process. Around puberty they may notice certain affiliations they have within the natural world, be it a plant or a gust of wind. “Accidents” tend to happen. It is said that a Genasi does not learn to control their element until they approach middle age. They can learn at a younger age, if they have the resources. Unfortunately no Genasi has ever had the chance to meet their true fathers (or mothers). Such meetings are considered gifts from the heavens themselves.

Homa is a headstrong, independent young lady who generally does not take shit from other people unless they give her good reason to. She has her reasons behind this behavior, reasons she would rather not get into or won’t care to. She’s a fighter, to put it lightly. Whenever life gives her shit, she will gladly take life by the horns is she has to, the same with anybody who catches her on the bad day. Homa has no qualms with fighting larger people, or getting in jail, or any of that. It comes naturally to her, and she’s not that bad at it either. She certainly wouldn’t mind finding someone to chill with, smoke a couple cigars, and have a couple beers. Finding the right people for it though, has been nearly impossible. Even if she does end up finding the right crowd, there’s always something that drives them away. Perhaps it’s her strive for woman’s independence, or her preferences for a female lover, or her hobbies that include sports of the dangerous kind. Or maybe it’s her physical features. More or less, Homa is convinced that people will always have a problem with the way she looks. Not giving a damn about it is not an easy thing for her to do. This leads to a lot of misunderstandings and problems where she ends up introducing a person’s face to her fist, but she does try. Really, she truly does try.

Homa’s personal philosophy; “Mind your own damn business, and I’ll mind mine.”

Staring and talking about her behind her back are two of her most vicious pet peeves. At one point in her life she used to cover herself up because of it, which she doesn’t really do as often unless it becomes “too cold”.

It is not to say that she has no “soft spot” (as long as you don’t call it that). The best way to get on her good side is to treat her like she’s a normal person, not a tool, not a freak, just treat her normally. Anything directed towards her “fire problem” or how “dirty” she is or her hair is not recommended by any means. That doesn’t mean you should complement her either.

If she likes you she will support you. Homa has a tendency to be rough on even her friends but every blue moon she enjoys doing favors for those who earn it. Working hard is one of her passions, a passion she takes seriously. In return if you happen to be a hard worker AND a honest person, you’ll most likely be worthy of respect in her eyes. Homa isn’t fond of fakes (another one of her peeves) or people looking to impress everyone they meet. She will fight, and is always up for it. (People who are a challenge are especially worthy of respect in her eyes) She’s dirty, obscene, but she always speaks her mind.

“Have a problem? Kindly go fuck yourself.”

(Protip: Just because she respects you doesn’t mind she’ll like you.)

”I have some cool shit.”
Fire Poi chains, two of her most prized possessions. Not only are they a prized possession, but they are the only things that allow her to succumb to her identity without spiraling out of control. They also make handy choking hazards and are deadly when set ablaze.
• A chimney sweeping brush, much like this one, from the days she spent cleaning chimneys in Boston. Like her Poi chains, this too can catch aflame easily, and is just as good as a choking hazard. Homa keeps it as good luck charm, something to gather the soot off the floor.
Leather cuffs and a number of chains. (“Who are you to judge?”)
• Four electric lighters. Each with their own unique design. Her favorite and most used lighter has the United Kingdom flag printed on its surface.
Lion Matches, as backup.
• Two brass knuckles, one saying hate; the other, love.
Pepper spray keychain
A pack of Malboro cigarettes
• A Slim briar tobacco pipe
• A couple packages of tobacco.
• A couple pipe cleaners
A typical pipe tool
Everything is kept inside a Hiker’s pack. Occassionally she’ll stuff it with snacks, and punk magazines or boxing equipment. She mainly uses it because it has enough space for her poi babies.

Fire Poi--- While not entirely a new skill, Homa has found that she has, to say, a natural talent for the art of fire dancing. She had developed an interest for the art during her days working as a chimney sweep. It had steamed from a new found interest in her family's past, most specifically why her mother looked and acted so differently from everyone else in Boston.

Her version of poi combines traditional and modern poi in a way that can be counted as nearly catastrophic. It involves acrobatically leaps and wide circular movements that is decidedly dangerous and can, in fact hurt people. For this reason, her dancing can be considered sloppy. The sheer amount of rage incorporated is evident. But there are times where Homa would just hold a burning poi end in the palm of her hands to feed the fire. The results could be quite beautiful.

Lately Homa has considered practicing poi using burning coal and spiked metal balls as replacements for the ends.

Whatever packs the most punch.

Climbing/Crawling--- Whether it be climbing up chimneys or squeezing herself down a chimney shaft, Homa's short and stout little body has made it possible to scale walls and crawl through small places that a normal person otherwise would not be able to do. This was a skill she had been practicing since the age of eight, mostly so she could escape the older and taller bullies that roamed around her neighborhood (most of which considered themselves "gangsters"). It was a skill that saved her hide plenty of times, and it's the acrobatics involved that she likes to incorporate into her performances. While not formerly trained, she is as just as sloppy and uncoordinated in this skill as she is in the art of poi, not that she cares much. Watching her scale rooftops is like watching a small squirrel escaping from a tiger, she has found that the soot that clings to her shoes leads her straight into more accidents than one can count. Not to mention the amount of times she slipped while inside a chimney. But, reaching for great heights is and will always be her greatest affinity, even when dealing with fire.

Natural Combustion--- More of a curse than a gift, really. Granted upon her by her father, Homa has the ability to create fire out of thin air whenever she experienced strong emotions, whether sadness or anger. It can happen at any moment of her life, even in sleep if she experiences great terror. Unfortunately this has caused great difficulty in both her and her mother's lives. So far she has caused five accidental house fires and seven small fires, three of which happened while she was still asleep. Her poor mother had to pay the insurance for most of them alone with all of the money she had.

Slowly, however, Homa is learning to control this curse she had been born with, starting with a more controlled handle on her emotions (mostly through yoga). It is a slow process, but soon Homa wishes to control her anger in use it to fuel the fire in a more dependent manner, unless there's some other source she does not yet know about. After that....well, she doesn't know yet, but it most likely will involve directing and actually moving said fire.

Boxing--- Another recent skill. Granted, it's stemmed from that small period during elementary school where she'd wrestle with boys during recess. 'Course, such wrestling matches turned into fistfights, but who are you to judge?

The brass knuckles especially, are fairly new, purchased after some mugger tried to nab her belongings. She had taken some boxing classes beforehand at the suggestion of some of her mates, unfortunately she could afford a few classes before her money became tight thanks to a certain addiction she had inherited from her mom. Still, every once in a while Homa enjoys making dents in concrete as she walks down the alleyway.

History -

"Ya know, it's weird."

Out of all the possible things that could have sparked Homa's powers, who knew that it would have been a nightmare?

ThemeP!nk – “Trouble”

Extra Notes:
Homa earned her nickname as a chimney sweep. Coworkers took note of how soot seemed to stick to her skin, and glorified it. As a result, it became something akin to a stage name.
Homa's mother originally came from Hawaii, her ancestors being of the Māori people, a people native to New Zealand. The exact details of her birth, and why her mother moved from Hawaii all the way to Boston is currently unknown to Homa and most of her extended family. According to her grandmother, which she has seen a total of once in her life, her father left her mother while she was still pregnant with her. The result of such a revelation left a big stain on Homa's relationship with her mother, mostly because she had lied to her, saying that her father had died in a car crash on his way to work. Homa's mother is also the reason she smokes. Even though Homa has seen that the addiction has caused her mother more harm than good, the smoke has been ever since she was a baby somewhat like mother's milk to her. It gave Homa strength and comfort, something that her mother's love could never have done, and possibly never will.
Her mother's name is Maya.
Other than ice and cold weather, Homa also fears the dark. To her, it means an absence of warmth and the fire she has grown to love.
Other than a Māori heritage, Homa also has French and Dutch blood.
Homa's favorite food includes peppers and spices. She has a strange soft spot for Latino cuisines.
Prefers to drink only tea and coffee, or anything that is heated.
Believes birds to be one of the most evil things on Earth, no thanks to some unfortunate run ins with pigeons and the like.
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Bit odd to know there'd still be professional chimney sweeps around in modern days, but once you add the occupation tag, she should be fine.

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Eh, they're around, just not as widely known as they were in the old days.

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Cool. Should make an interesting character, a job like that.

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I will say she's based off a video game character, names were changed, pieces of the story were removed, I think I did good. GM?

Name - Raziella

Nickname - Razi

Age - 222

Plane - 6 (maybe 5?)

Gender/sexuality - Lesbian

Appearance - Raziella is a wraith. She has a dark blue muscle-like appearance, because of her skin being torn off in the abyss, glowing, white eyes, 3 clawed fingers, long, black, hair-like tentacles, meaning she can't move them, that hangs to her mid-back, fangs that hang from under where her top lip would be and no bottom jaw. Covering the bottom half of her face to the bottom of her chest, including her breasts, is a cowl. Around her forearms and lower legs are bandages. Why she has them and how she got them is unknown. She also wears a small, loose skirt, making it easy to run. In the spectral/astral realm, a green glow can be seen spiraling her right arm in electric-looking arcs. In the material/physical realm, this is not seen. Hanging limp from her back are the remnants of what had once been her wings. Now, they are merely flaps of skin.

Being/species - Wraith: A wraith is a being that feeds on dead souls. They were once living beings but, because of being thrown into the abyss, they now had no physical body. Certain wraiths have weapons they can summon, be it a sword, axe, whip or just about anything else.

Personality - Raziella is normally a calm woman. She rarely, if ever, gets angered. If attacked, she will defend herself. She has no friends, only acquaintances. She is often too frightening for anyone to oppose outside of her own realm.

Items - The only real weapon she has is her spirit blade. When summoned, she can use the elements she has gathered to do many attacks.

Skills - She can shift into the Spectral/Astral realm at any time but can only come to the physical realm with the use of a conduit or a corpse leaking ethereal gases.
Elemental forms for her ghostly sword: (she will start with Spectral and Material forms and gain the others later on)
Spectral/Material: By building up her energy, she can create a blast outward, knocking any enemies away.
Dark: When fully charged, she can turn herself invisible for 10 minutes. Can also turn orbs of light into orbs of darkness.
Light: When fully charged, she can release the energy, blinding everyone nearby for 30 seconds. Can also turn orbs of darkness into orbs of light.
Fire: When fully charged, she waves her sword in a circle above her head, releasing the energy. This would cause nearby enemies to burst into flames. Can also light flammable objects.
Air: When fully charged, she can create a tornado around a single enemy for 10 seconds.
Water: When charged, she can create a sheet of ice over the ground and nearby enemies. Can also douse flames and freeze water.
Earth: When charged, she can create an earthquake 10 feet around herself which lasts for 5 seconds.
Purified: When fully charged, it does the same attack as the Spectral and Material forms. However, this form is 10 times as strong.

History - Raziella had been born a human-like being in her world. She was raised to be a strong warrior for the Sisterhood of the Sarafina, a group of vampire haters. She and 5 others were the strongest and best trained warriors. The other 5 were Turella, Dumahi, Melichi, Zephonni and Rahabina. They were the greatest servants of Moebia, the Guardian of Time. After killing one of the final born vampire, the 6 women were killed by a creature the seemed to be more demon than vampire.

Years after their deaths, they were revived by Kani, the Queen of the ruined world. They had no memories of their former Sarafina Sisterhood. They served Kani as they had served Moebia.

One day, Raziella had surpassed her queen physically and had sprouted wings. Kani became furious with jealousy and tore the wings from her back, leaving bloody flaps of skin. Kani then commanded Turella and Dumahi to throw Raziella into the abyss, a great orb of darkness hidden in the heart of a huge ravine.

After 2 centuries, Raziella's torture ended. She found herself in front of a creature that called itself a god. It began helping her find her old sisters and gave her the powers to slay them, releasing them from their lives and absorbing their powers. All except Turella. She then faced Kani multiple times before finding Moebia.

She was sent back in time 5 centuries, to the time when the Sarafina Sisterhood still ruled the land. She found the last born vampire, Janosha Audron. After a short talk, she heard voices coming from down the halls. It had been 6 Sarafina warriors. Janosha had teleported Raziella away from danger. Raziella ran as fast as she could back to Janosha just in time to see her heart ripped from her chest and named the Dark Heart. She watched the Sarafina warrior leave, only then realizing that it had been she herself that had ripped the heart from Janosha's chest. She stayed with Janosha until her final breath.

After a long chase back to the Sarafina sanctuary, Raziella began searching for the warriors that had murdered Janosha. She eventually found each of the warriors and killed them, providing the corpses Kani would later turn into her vampire lieutenants. She then fought Kani again but lost and was severely weakened.

Another 500 years pass as Raziella denies her master of her hunger. She refuses to serve it because she believes it is a false god and a parasite and out of the fear she would be destroyed by Kani, as prophecy foretells. She soon escapes her master and tries to find a way into the physical world after her master closes the gate in front of her. She eventually is able to cast herself into a decaying corpse and, by will alone, is able to change the hideous body into one more comfortable.

Theme -Ozar Midrashim

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Yeah...I've played Raziel and Kain, so no.

Something original MLS.

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I thought she'd work if I changed her enough. The only other idea I had was too much like Cirque Du Freak.

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Name - Remington McCallister

Nickname - Remy, or Lucky Charms (A nickname which he hates)

Age - 24

Plane - 6th

Occupation - Daredevil

Gender/sexuality. Male/Homosexual

Appearance - Remy is a man of average height, at about 5'8", he seems unremarkable. He is somewhat of a chubby person, gaining a gut as he got older due to his unfortunate circumstance. In addition, he is bald, though wears his facial hair in a small goatee, which is coal black. Remy's skin is a tan hue and he has generally short and stubby features about him.

Remy enjoys dressing in business suits. He prefers to look classy as a sort of act against negative cultural perceptions of his people. His suits normally mix colors between black and very dark shades of green. He always wears a pair of finely polished buckled shoes. Remy is something of a fashionista and is never unwilling to try on new outfits if he thinks they will do him well.

Being/species - Leprechaun: From the time they begin to enter their maturity, Leprechaun's are gifted with a strange type of luck. Normally in their day-to-day existence, luck is not on their side. Any normal task that requires only a slight amount of luck is a tumultuous effort for a Leprechaun to accomplish. Leprechauns are often remarked upon as true jinxes by members of the 6th plane for their ability to nearly always have bad luck befall them. What they have luckily learned is that they do not necessarily have bad luck, but they instead possess a trait they call "reverse luck". That is to say, when a Leprechaun is presented with something that would be nearly impossible for a normal person to accomplish, they can complete it with ease. However, as mentioned above, most simple tasks become incredibly hard for them to accomplish unscathed. For example, it would be nearly impossible for a Leprechaun to cross a road without being hit by a car. They will always survive without a scratch, though, as their luck reverses the moment they enters a situation where others have pitiful luck.

Furthermore, there is the secondary set of luck based abilities. Once a month, a Leprechaun can grant a wish to one person. This wish need only follow several guidelines. It must be given willingly by the Leprechaun, it must be material in form. (a person cannot wish for true love or unending luck themselves, but they can be granted treasure or rare objects that they would normally never come across.) The person is not given their prize immediately, but will find that their luck will change for the time required to obtain it to help them gain the item. Leprechauns are unable to use these powers on each other, unfortunately.

Finally, there is one power which is only granted to a Leprechaun once a year, and that is on St. Patrick’s Day. On this day, a Leprechaun loses their normally bad luck altogether, and is lucky in every endeavor they embark on. The only rule a Leprechaun must follow is that on this day he must give away all of his material wealth to a mortal who follows a rainbow, as payment for the full day of luck. For this reason, most Leprechauns have been more than willing to part with their money, as even one day of not being in harm’s way for the most part is a wonderful gift in their eyes.

Leprechauns are a close-knit group, and often have large families spread over long distances within grassy plain areas. Leprechauns are obligated to offer each other safe-haven in their normally very dangerous houses. Their homes are purposefully constructed in shoddy manners to work to the Leprechauns advantage.

As for appearance, most Leprechauns are of short to average heights, and vary in body type depending on various factors. They are usually bald, however, and while many Leprechauns see their loss of hair as a sign of maturity and display their lack of hair proudly, it is not uncommon for them to wear wigs to appear demure or culturally acceptable among other races.

Finally, though Leprechauns are probably best-fitted to be a race of thrill-seekers and adventurers, they tend to much prefer cozy existences within their homes and fields. This often leads them to suffer very much and take to drinking (which they are very good at doing in large quantities) as a method to alleviate the misfortune they go through in their lives.

Personality - Remy is a calm man with a joie de vivre not exhibited by many of his relatives in the McCallister clan. This is because Remy has taken a much different route than his past incarnations, who often sought material wealth and power above all else when they used their luck. Remy takes enjoyment out of serenity and calm. He has used his wish-granting abilities to help loved ones and used his days of actual luck to enjoy peaceful, normal days, and even to live out a few personal wishes. However, he knows his place and is not one to go looking for danger. saying he is quite unwilling to invite more pain onto his being. He has recently begun to realize, however, that by putting himself into riskier situations, he actually increases the likelihood of everything being fine for him. However, cultural mores are a hard thing to break.

Remy is somewhat superstitious, as he has learned time and time again that the world holds endless means with which to make his life a neverending taunt against him.

Items - Remy carries several personal lucky charms with him, sometimes as part of a gimmick but also out of a personal hope that they might actually increase his normally abysmal luck.

Skills - Not so much a skill as a racial attribute.

History - Remington McCallister was born in the calm Field-Village of Allison, a land that had been lived upon by his ancestors for ages. He was born as one of the sons of the McCallister clan of Leprechauns, a medium-sized but old clan. He lived a fairly normal childhood for a Leprechaun, and when his powers began to develop he took them gracefully. However, when he became of-age, Remy had grown bored with the same scenery of Allison and decided to venture out to seek fortune elsewhere. He bid his family farewell and set off at a steadfast pace after tripping over a rock on his way out of town.

Remy has wandered the plains for the remaining years, occasionally settling down and taking jobs. He has amassed a small set of earnings and has been wandering ever since, trying to find new homes and hoping to find a way to finally live a calm life that he can be happy with.

Theme - Ramblin' Man
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*Squees* Ohmygodit'saleprechaun. I loooove him. Just give him an occupation and he's in. He can be a stagehand or something if you want. Although, considering he's a jinx and there's all those bags and assembly tools...choose some other job for him to be useful in.

Fummo@Looks like those climber guys from Smash Bros.

MLS@I'll make this very simple. If anyone else can tell that your character is the rip-off of a fictional character, you're gone.

So if you have to, just pick a monster, stick it in the 6th or 8th realm and give it some vague bull-crappy story. I'm not gonna lie, I'm not expecting a miracle from you MLS, just give me something sufficient that isn't a rip-off and I'll live with it.

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I have a feeling Homa will hate Lucky Charm's guts :>

In a very friendly way I mean.

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Do you want 3 scoops of hate? ;D

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I wasn't trying to make her a rip-off of Raziel, I was trying to change enough so she was acceptable, just tell me what I should get rid of.

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All of it. I understand it can be hard to create an original character but you've gotten enough hints and tips already. Pick a starting point and work from there. It's not like I'm going to rush you.

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I'll likely PM my base CS tomorrow MQ. I've got a couple fun ideas.

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I'm literally swooning with anticipation. *Sways gracefully*

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If you have some more specific things I could draw for the rp, just pm them to me, QuinQuin :D
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