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Naruto RP OOC

Sun Sep 11, 2011 2:24 pm

Naruto RP

This world will be like the world in Naruto with one key difference. This is a AU universe. That means that there never was and never will be Naruto or any of the characters. There will be new bloodlines, villages, and jutsus. For information on Naruto go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naruto or http://naruto.wikia.com/wiki/Narutopedia

At the moment, trouble is brewing. A large mercenary group has been forming. Only exceptionally skilled warriors are let in. It includes several ex-shinobi and has become powerful enough to destroy villages. It has hidden bases in several countries, somewhat like villages, except they are not as public.


Name:(Include aliases or nicknames)

Age:(Minimum age is 12)



Village:(Make sure that at least two other people will be from your village. Please talk amongst yourselves.)






Stats (You have 20 points to spend on skills. If you have a zero for something, you cannot use that skill. Max is 7. Also, this is aptitude, not neccesaily power. ) (Example, Rock Lee would have a 7 in health, a 1 in control, a 0 in ninjutsu and genjutsu, a 7 in taijutsu, and a 5 in tools.)

Health/Chakra Pool:

Chakra Control:






1. The exam will be in Konoha when it happens.

2. PM me for bloodlines. You can make up your own or find one you like.

3. You may be from any village except for Sound.

4.Sannin are out there and they may play a part in the RP but you can't be one.

6. New villages of note: Hidden in the Shadow (A village specializing in stealth) , Hidden in the Chaos (A village that uses chaos to complete its objectives), and Hidden in the Steel (A village specializing in ninja tools). None of them are big enough to have a kage.

7. All ninjas with at least 1 point in Ninjutsu are assumed to have the transformation jutsu (a jutsu that allows the user to assume the form of another object or thing) and the replication jutsu (a jutsu that makes an illusionary copy of the user). There are several other minor jutsus that I will not list but you may have. Just PM me beforehand if you want to add a jutsu to the list, just in case.

Accepted List:

Hana- Musei Souon
BG07- Hyuuga Rai
sam4books- Toshi "Fool" Kurosaki
Akaine- Saotome Akemi
Glacier- Yushka "Yu-Yu" Yukenra
Ro Wong- Hyuuga Rikudou
Geomancer- Mato Erimaki
BradaoOfCartha- Bradao "Brad" Callen
Zath- Junsu "Haka" Hakarui
CAghost- Nara Akira, “The Shadow of Konoha”
GnSz- Kisaragi "Kisa" Yune

Cheesemore- Ikazuchi Shuuha
Styx- Odella
RuffDraft- Hokiro "Kuro" Anzen

Zelosse- Malkizid Artithra
Iris- Katsu

TheMadness- Kurokami "The Iron Tempest" Durako
Hana- Chou Nijishi
Vouvray- Natsume "Yasuun" Yasunari

Zelosse- Lucas 'Righty' Slade
Zath- Cyrus 'Lefty' Slade
Sentios- Tate "Hell's Messenger" Age

Original Threads:
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Re: Naruto RP OOC: *IT LIVES*

Sun Sep 11, 2011 2:27 pm

Leaving this here for FAQ reasons
Hana wrote:Complete restart and we should apply with characters that are around 12? Or should oldies just be bringing back their old characters? ^_^


Name: Musei Souon
Age: 18
Rank: Jounin/ANBU
Gender: Female
Village: Village Hidden in the Leaf

Personality: She is the quiet sort that is normally content to sit and observe, but when she speaks, her words usually contain a wisdom that belies her age. She is slow and rare to anger, and none that have known her can warn against inflaming her temper, for they have never actually seen her in a temper. She rarely fights in a face-to-face manner, due to her blindness, but when pressed, can be cunning opponent, due to her inborn and learned abilities. Violence is distasteful to her, though, and she will rarely strike to wound unless directly ordered. Instead, she relies on methods that leave little to no lasting damage. Souon has been known to sit for hours, sipping tea in silence, and when pressed, has given tea as her favorite thing in the world.

Appearance: Souon is a sickly girl, her skin as pale as death. In truth, she is a study of pales. Her hair, ridiculously long, falls about her shoulders like snow-white silk. Normally, it is bound into a thick, loose braid down her back, reaching nearly to her knees. Her eyes, which she rarely shows, are pure white, visibly different from that of a Byakugan user. She has no pupil, no iris. Her eyes are simply white, deprived of any sort of sight since birth. Even her clothing is pale, all whites and blues and greys. A pale blue sleeveless yukata top, bearing on the center of the back a stylized white swirl, is belted over a pair of medium grey skintight shorts that reach to mid-thigh. The shirt gapes open over her chest to reveal a carefully wrapped mass of bandages over her more sensitive parts. Her arms are wrapped with the same bandages, from palm to shoulder, though her fingers are left free of the bindings. She bears a special case on the back of her belt for her flute, and an equipment pouch of a darker blue than her yukata on the outside of each thigh.

When on duty as ANBU, she wears the uniform provided and keeps her hair in a braid coiled at the back of her head. The animal her mask depicts is a bird with a hawklike beak rimmed in red that shades her mouth and chin but still lets her access them to play her flute.

  • Acute Hearing - Souon's hearing is extremely sharp, more so than even the norm of blind people. She shows a preternatural ability to detect sounds, even in a slightly noisy environment. Due to having this ability from birth, she has learned to use it as sort of a second sight, and has learned to interpret the sounds that people and many animals make. Souon can tell many things about a person, simply from the way they walk. This ability gives her an advantage in that she can "see" in a larger radius than people who rely on a normal line of sight. The disadvantage, of course, is that Souon has no concept of colors or other purely visual concepts.
  • Resonation Technique - Through the use of a special jutsu that has been passed down her family line, Souon can use sound, typically music, in a manner that few are. She is able to detect and change the resonance of sounds she makes, at will. This may be used to match a note to a person's resonance and cause them to experience a 'white out,' or it may be used to ultimately destroy an inanimate object, for example.
  • Souon is at least passably skilled with all the typical base Ninja abilities.

  • Flute - This is her main tool for her Resonation Technique. Although she can use other noise- or vibration-making devices to activate her family jutsu, she is most comfortable with her flute and can even play it one-handed in dire situations.
  • Tuning Forks - of various sizes (and thus notes). These can be used to activate her Resonation Technique, although the right combination must be used. It is harder to use the Resonation Technique on bodies with tuning forks, but they tend to work well with inanimate objects, and they can be activated from a distance by hitting them with a projectile.
  • Bells - May be attached to a thrown object. Very hard to use the Resonation Technique with, but they are very useful for allowing Souon to observe her surroundings through bounced sound waves.
  • Kunai
  • Senbon

Background: Souon's family name is all but forgotten. Once, they were great Ninjas in the service of Fire Country, but nearly all of the line was slaughtered in a long-ago battle. Since then, it has been rare that a Musei has entered the service of their country as a ninja, but this has been Souon's lifelong dream.

She has been plagued with sicknesses since before birth, and was even born with debilitating pneumonia. Her family and doctors feared that she would not live even a month, but her mother was steadfast in her love and caring of the girl, and nurtured her. It was a surprise, but the baby survived the sickness, and grew to become a very bright child, though continually plagued with illnesses.

Souon, from a young age, would not let the state of her health affect her studies. She wants nothing else than to become an Anbu in the service of the Hokage, and though she is frail, she has vast knowledge from lots of time spent reading. She is at least marginally skilled in all typical ninja jutsu and techniques.

After recovering from a serious bout of lung-related illness that kept her out of school for a very long time, she attended her Chuunin exam, where she met Hyuuga Rai and his teammates. The friendship among them was nearly instantaneous, and although they were on different teams, she quickly developed feelings that were deeper than friendship for Rai, and cherishes a certain promise made between them.

She has never confessed her feelings to Rai, although the affection she holds for him may be obvious to the observant, even after the length of time that has passed and the missions and training that have kept their contact anything but constant.

Recently, she realized her most treasured goal, but she has yet to tell Rai that his promise has been fulfilled. She's trying to find the right way to say it without getting in trouble for revealing her identity as an ANBU.

  • Health/Chakra Pool: 3
  • Chakra Control: 5
  • Taijutsu: 2
  • Ninjutsu: 4
  • Genjutsu: 2
  • Tools: 4

Re: Naruto RP OOC: *IT LIVES*

Sun Sep 11, 2011 2:27 pm

You can bring them back.

Re: Naruto RP OOC: *IT LIVES*

Sun Sep 11, 2011 2:28 pm

So can we have characters from places like The Hidden Leaf Village or only the new ones listed?

Re: Naruto RP OOC: *IT LIVES*

Sun Sep 11, 2011 2:29 pm

Yes, any village, as long as you make sure you've got some buddies.

Re: Naruto RP OOC: *IT LIVES*

Sun Sep 11, 2011 2:31 pm

Say hello again to Toshi :D

Theme: "Footloose"

Name: Toshi "Fool" Kurosaki

Age: 13 Years Old

Gender: Male

Ranking: Genin

Personality: Very flamboyant, and very care-free. He sees the world as a stage, and sees himself as the star of the show. He does every little thing with a sort of emphasized flair. He doesn't care if no one watches him, he believes it is their lost. However if he does manage to capture one's attention he will not let go. So yes, he is an attention whore, the sort of kid that would cry "wolf" just so people could notice him. Sarcasm and practical jokes are his favorites, especially the sort that aren't funny at all. He really isn't afraid to make a fool out of himself in front of everyone. If someone laughs at him he succeeded in his "mission", if someone ignores him he failed. He would even openly mock people who get on his nerves. "Openly mocking" is defined as pranks, insults, and ruthless jokes. "People that get on his nerves" are defined as people who are way too serious or people who dare to hurt his already too large ego. He absolutely hates people who think their so smart that they think they can take away his wonderful spotlight. He guards that spotlight like an eagle guards a nest. In fact, take away his spotlight and he'll do anything he can to get back at you, and trust me it won't be pretty. Authority doesn't work well in the equation either. I'm telling you, there is no way you wouldn't find him being scolded by someone ten years older than him. You guessed it, he's a troublemaker brat, and stubborn too. The kid won't give in easily, with a strong will that rivals that of a wild horse easily making him prone to punishments, and winning. Despite this he is EASILY distracted (mostly by that darn spotlight), giving him a disadvantage in battle. Only his cunning personality and strategy adapt mind can save him from getting his butt handed to him on a silver platter. Did I mention the brat likes to openly mock and trick his opponents? The little bugger.

Appearance: Toshi first of all is a small boy, standing at only 4' 5". As a result he is often found strolling around the streets on top of a pair of walking sticks in order to make him seem taller. Another thing you'll notice about this kid is his mousy hair. Seriously, it's all frizzly and looks like it hadn't been brushed since the time the kid was born. His hair color is a dirt brown, which gives him the appearance of having a wild animal on him. His eyes are a deep brown, and always have this innocent look to them, his personality a complete opposite of what his eyes suggest. In case you haven't noticed, the kid doesn't stick out much, and can be easily be confused with a street rat, what with his tanned complexion in all he looks quite plan if not messy. Those big ears don't do him any justice either. He is also very skinny and VERY flexible. Who knows how the kid does half the stuff he can do.

However the way he dresses is in total contrast to his physical appearance, one might wonder why the heck he's a ninja in the first place with the way he dresses, which is quite flashy. It's almost as if he's going to some sort of exclusive performance with those clothes. The clothes in question usually consists of brown baggy trousers with multi-colored patches littering the thing, giving it an appearance of some poorly made quilt, pants mode. What's even more crazy is his vest, his "Vest of Many Colors" he calls it. Actually, it's just a bunch of patches (again) sewn together as a vest, with some gold thread emboldening the hems and collar (which is really high by the way). This "vest" has too many pockets to count, both on the inside AND outside. One would wonder what the heck he keeps in those pockets. That's his little secret. As for shirts, who needs them? The kid never wears them, unless he has a good reason (one reason might be cold weather). Otherwise, forget about it. He wears the standard forehead protector around his head in the average position, nothing different, just...average. Around his arms is wrapped bandages that hide countless injuries gained from pure stupidity. He also has wrapped bandages around his legs (especially the around the feet) to emphasize this said stupidity. He NEVER wears any sandals or any footwear for that matter. He simply sees no need for footwear as he hardly ever walks anyways, using your feet for walking is so boring. Instead he is often find on a pair of walking sticks, walking on his hands, or using an overly dramatic unicycle. The kid likes using his feet for activities that require a hand (i.e. eating, writing, carrying simple stuff, throwing kunais/shurikens).

He looks like a clown okay? However he always carries three medium-sized bowls stacked inside of eachother on his back, held together by twin thick ropes that criss-cross each other, as if it's some sort of backpack. No one knows why he carries these bowls, maybe he likes eating out of three bowls at once? If he wants to blend in, he wears a silky black cloth like a cloak, or a cape. This cloak is more than just a fashion statement mind you.


Trapeze Style Taijutsu----Mix complicated gymnastics with obscure breakdancing and this is pretty much what you'll get. Only thing is, you CAN'T touch the ground for over five seconds in this style, it loses its "flare". This style requires a great deal of flexibility, patience, and it's probably a good idea that you have some sort of trapeze on you, it doesn't have to be hanging twenty feet over the ground either. This style is mostly used to disarm, disrupt your opponents balance, or render them unconcious. Kicking and complicated flips are a key part to this style of fighting, and spinning on one's head isn't unheard of either.
Triple Summersault Kick----This REALLY requires a trapeze, or else it won't work. This is Toshi's signiture move (when it comes to Taijutsu), and is basically made up of launching one's body into the air, doing three somersaults while airborne to increase momentum, and hurling oneself downwards toward one's opponent at breakneck speed. This usually ends in a kick to a head, causing critical damage, and will most likely get the opponent dirty.

Cloaking Jutsu----AKA Invisibility. The user cloaks himself with a wall of chakra that tricks the opponent's eyes into thinking that the user isn't there, when he actually is (note, you can still kick his butt). One might be able to pinpoint the user if the look for a ripple in color in the environment. Toshi likes to use his silky black cloth for this one. He purposefully wears it like a cloak, releasing and absorbing specific colors to match that of the environment around him. Requires really good memory, otherwise just create that wall of chakra, don't even bother doing what Toshi does. He just does it for flare.
Copycat Jutsu----This jutsu is a form of mimicry, it allows the user to copy a jutsu of their opponent's creation. This jutsu requires good memory (again), and a high amount of concentration. Please note the copied jutsu is less powerful than the real jutsu. In other words, it's like a cheap version of the real thing.
Light Glare----Toshi flips a very shiny, very golden coin into the air, which reflects the sun's rays towards the opponents eyes, causing temporary blindness (up to sixty seconds).
Whirlwind of Colors----Toshi launches himself in the air with his silky black cloth in hand before spinning around in a spiral direction. Instead of using the black cloth as a cloaking device he uses it as a distraction, once the cloth gains rhythm he would envelope with a series of brilliant colors designed to captivate the opponent while Toshi flings twenty "invisible" konais at his opponent that are attached to very thin, nearly invisible strings five of which have exploding tags attached to them. After a couple explosions here and there, Toshi then readies himself for the next jutsu in line.
Whirlwind of Blades----15 konais attached to 15 very thin, nearly invisible strings are whirled around in a fierce whirlwind as Toshi performs a sort of break dance on the ground which ends in him spinning on his head like a top at an incredible speed. Produces a deadly whirlwind capable of critical damage to the opponent.

Trio of Bowls Trick----Toshi uses his three bronze bowls as coverings for this jutsu. He places one gold coin (using his walking sticks) under one bowl, flipping it over along with the other two which contains "nothing". He then switches them around at a breakneck pace before requesting the opponent to pick the one with the golden coin under it. All bowls have a surprise under it, so it doesn't matter which bowl you pick, only the bowl supposedly hiding golden coin has a very explosive surprise. If the opponent picks the correct the right bowl, he/she will be rewarded with fireworks only to find that the entire thing was an illusion, and Toshi slyly holding a golden coin in his hands. Requires genjutsu, and a pair of walking sticks. The illusion is basically centered around the sense of touch and sight, and possibly smell. Note the victim CAN feel pain.


*3 medium-sized bronze bowls

* 2 bamboo rods that can easily transform into two eight feet tall walking sticks with eight hidden slots (think a retractable telescope). Each slot has three hidden, different colored buttons. The first button is blue and causes a small metal plane to appear (maybe about four inches long), planes capable of holding feet if you catch my drift, this opens a door for the second button. The second button is yellow and causes twin retractable bar to appear (again, think retractable telescope) that links with it's brother in order to create a possible ladder step or simple a trapeze. The third button is red and is pressed to get rid of all those little planes and those bars, as well as activate all the planes and bars, it all depends on when its pressed. Inside both rods/walking sticks are two blades located at the thin ends of the rods/walking sticks. These can be released and retracted via the simply flick of a switch at the tops of the rods/walking sticks. The bamboo rods/walking sticks themselves are coated with a reddish sort of glaze giving it a slight shine, with decorative carvings of a circus event running down both rods/walking sticks. Very fancy, very overdone. This is obviously Toshi's most used item, not just in battle but in everyday routines, like eating for example. They make pretty good chopsticks.

*A black silky cloth that is 10 meters in both base and height, but only 1 centimeter in width (often wears it like a cape, or as a cloak)

*1 set of twenty kunais and shurikens each

*5 exploding tags

*2 smoke bombs

*1 medium-sized bomb with a fuse

Background: Toshi's father was the son of a highly regarded Genjutsu using ninja of the Hidden Village. The said ninja was a former pupil of the Ninja Academy, and strict keeper of the ninja way. Committed to tradition, he sent Toshi's father to the Ninja Academy, expecting him to graduate with high honors like himself. Imagine his rage when Toshi's father took off at the age of fifteen in search of a life full of fame and fortune. He ultimately ran into a traveling group of circus performers, famous for their trapeze performances. He watched one of their performances and fell in love with the eldest daughter, Maki. Madly in love, Toshi's father asked Maki's father if he could take his daughter's hand in marriage. Maki's father agreed on one condition, Toshi's father must perform in the next performance. Long story short, crowds loved him, he married Maki, and Toshi was born. It didn't take long until Toshi's grandpa heard of his birth, and waited until the boy was old enough to be admitted into the Ninja Academy, to privately advise his son that he sends Toshi to the Ninja Academy to become a ninja. It didn't take the guy long to find his son and grandson, for their next performance was in the Hidden Leaf Village. Grandpa took this time to make his request, which dad agreed to after a moments hesitation. The entire family of performers saw young Toshi off that day, and Toshi's grandfather brought him before Konada, to request his admittance into the Academy. It wasn't easy (tons of heated discussion, the works) but Toshi's grandpa finally convinced Konada to allow Toshi's admittance into the Academy.


Health/Chakra Pool: 4

Chakra Control: 2

Taijutsu: 4

Ninjutsu: 3

Genjutsu: 4

Tools: 3
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Re: Naruto RP OOC: *IT LIVES*

Sun Sep 11, 2011 2:33 pm

I'm going to bring Rai back with a handful of tweaks here and there.

Re: Naruto RP OOC: *IT LIVES*

Sun Sep 11, 2011 2:36 pm

Great, thanks.
I'm excited about this RP.

Re: Naruto RP OOC: *IT LIVES*

Sun Sep 11, 2011 2:41 pm


Just noticed the change in Stats.

*casually changes the stats around*

Re: Naruto RP OOC: *IT LIVES*

Sun Sep 11, 2011 2:42 pm

EDIT: Throwing up the WIP CS right now, just so I don't lose it.
EDIT-EDIT: Finished, waiting on confirmation from Geo.

Name : Ikazuchi Shuuha


Gender: Male

Ranking: Genin

Village: Chaos

Personality: Shuuha hasn’t been one for fun. Being the middle child of a family of five siblings, he’s had to find any way he could get attention. The best way he felt, was to become a great ninja and he could only achieve that by training constantly. Because of this, he hasn’t really experienced having fun. He prefers to focus completely on his missions or his training. Anything else Shuuha thinks is pointless and will allow him to fade back into obscurity in his family. No one has ever really seen him 'happy' per say, but he claims to be happy always.

Appearance:Shuuha stands at 5’4 and has a small build. It’s actually quite amazing how thin he is considering how much he trains. He has short black hair and brown eyes, which always seem to have a look of pity to them. He wears goggles on top of his head, but no one has ever really seen him wear them. Shuuha tends to wear a blue undershirt with a light black jacket. His dark blue pants aren't overly flashy either. His Kodachi sits on his left thigh, and his has another pocket on his right thigh that contains all of his throwing stars. His kunai and smoke bombs sit in the pouch on his back.

Justu/Skills:Static Pulse Technique: Gathers an electric current around his body, and it even extends to his weapons. It doesn't improve speed or strength, but if he makes contact, that part of the body is numb and can't be moved for a short period of time. The jutsu also forms somewhat of a protective barrier around Shuuha, applying the same effects to anyone stupid enough to hit him while it’s up. He can’t use the jutsu for long if he focuses on defense though, it consumes too much chakra.

Metal Rotation Technique : Turns his body into a giant electromagnet, can draw weapons towards him silently. However he can only perform it for so long before the iron ore in the ground starts to draw towards him too. He can also turn any metallic object into an electromagnet too, but he needs some time to focus the object he's trying to turn into the magnet.

Lightning Destruction : Shuuha places his hands on the ground, sending a bolt of electricity that cuts through the ground in the direction of the target. The shape of the bolt is a triangle with the base in the direction of the user and the tip headed towards the target. The jutsu breaks the ground and will send a powerful electical shock if it hits an enemy. Though the voltage becomes lower the farther away from Shuuha the jutsu reaches. It extends roughly 10 meters ahead of Shuuha and consumes most of his chakra, if not all, if he uses it to its full effect. He uses it mostly as a last ditch effort because it's very easy to dodge if one simply jumps in the air or climbs a tree.

Equipment: Shuuha carries 3 Kunai, 25 throwing stars, 5 smoke bombs, and his standard weapon, a Kodachi.

Background: Shuuha was the third child, second son, of his family in the Chaos village. Naturally, he was often ignored as a child for his older and younger brothers and sisters. He stuggled for many years trying to gain his parents attention, until he noticed other parents in the village giving attention to their children. He trained as hard as he could every day and his parents would show occational praise, which only drove him harder in his training.

At the acedemy, he was known as the quiet bookworm, just constantly studying and seeming to master all the tests the instructor gave. This, of course, never really made him that popular. However, just before he graduated the acedemy, his parents tought him one of the family's jutsus, lightning destruction. Only knowing it for a short time, his parents were amazing how well he could preform the jutsu, and he continues to work on it daily. His goal is to one day be fully recognized by his parents, and possibly the entire village.

Stats :
Health/Chakra Pool:3
Chakra Control:5
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Re: Naruto RP OOC: *IT LIVES*

Sun Sep 11, 2011 2:52 pm

I am excited...if anyone is interested in not being from Leaf please let me know for I have very little desire to be from there

Re: Naruto RP OOC: *IT LIVES*

Sun Sep 11, 2011 3:32 pm

Character Sheet

Name: Bradao "Brad" Callen
Age: 13
Rank: Genin
Gender: Male
Village: Leaf

Personality: Bradao is a very fun and out going young ninja. He does everything he can to have fun, including racing others to the training grounds. He studies a lot so that he may pass the Chunin exam when he takes it. Brad always looks for ways to improve himself, even sparing in battles that he knows he won't win, just to toughen himself up. Bradao has a problem with attaching himself to his friends. Once he makes a friend he tries all he can to stay near them, though this could be from abandonment issues. If a friend of his is ever injured he goes berserk, and attacks relentlessly.

Appearance: http://bradaoofcartha.deviantart.com/ar ... -257928887 (the one with his hand on the girl's shoulder) Bradao is a short boy with less than average muscle mass. Brad stands at an even five feet with out his blue sandals on. He wears his near black hair in a cowlick, and has no inflections on his slightly darkened skin. Bradao wears blue goggles with special lenses, just above his Leaf Village headband. He wears his headband in a more traditional way, covering his forehead, an inch above his hairline, which reaches to the top of his eyebrows. He wears a white tee shirt under his red jacket, and wears a pair of dark green cargo shorts. Around his neck is a leaf green scarf and on his back is a large green scroll with his equipment held within.

Bamboo Jutsus:
Bamboo Clone
Using the clone technique, Brad creates a clone with bamboo. The clone can capture chakra and even be used to store chakra, when needed but will burst if obtaining too much chakra. When struck by a blow the clone may splinter, causing bamboo splinters to burst from it.
Bamboo Needles
Using chakra to cause small bamboo shoots to grow from any wooden surface, Brad plucks senbon shaped pieces of bamboo, which he can use to drain small amounts of chakra and cause minor injuries.
Pungi Lance
Brad gathers chakra to his armor causing bamboo tendrils to grow and wrap around his arm, creating a lance-arm of bamboo, which has the same affect as all other bamboo jutsus. This technique causes the bamboo to become hard enough to be just as strong as a sword.
Pungi Spikes
Brad sends chakra into his hands and hits the ground causing pointed spikes of bamboo to grow upward to be used either in defense, offense, or even a trap. They can also be plucked from the ground to be used as makeshift spears.
Pungi Dragon bullet
Brad does a few hand signs to create a bamboo dragon head, the head then opens it's mouth and spews out a shower of bamboo splinters at the target.
Bamboo Armor
Bradao gathers chakra to form a flexible, lightweight armor on top of his clothes. He can use this technique to store his chakra inside, allowing for more chakra to be used, the downside is that he can only use so much chakra on it, or it will become extremely brittle. However, the less chakra inside the armor, the weaker the armor becomes.

Large scroll: a large scroll containing: Shuriken(x25), Kunai(x25), Large Shuriken, Kanabo, Sai, Katana, tri-tipped kunai, scythe, curved kunai, double kunai, tonfa, boomerang, kama, Giant Kunai, yari, dao (sword), Kodachi, Tanto, Kusarigama, senbon(x25), Hook Sword, Bo staff, Cat Claws.

Goggles: A pair of everyday goggles with special made lenses, these lenses allow Brad to be unaffected by visual genjutsu, but if they are scratched, they can actually amplify the affects of the genjutsu.

Background: A lonely ninja boy who lives off ramen and being a delivery boy. His father is usually off doing Anbu missions but leaves him gifts from all of the missions. His mom died at child birth and he has been on his own since he was five. He has always tried to get attention, because he feels that he doesn't get enough attention from his own father. Eventually, he passed the test to become a genin. His father celebrated by leaving him special goggles. Bradao did some reconnaissance and found out his new sensei's name. He went to meet her before hand, but she acted odd. Her friends called her VG, and from a little intel gathering, Bradao found out that she had a demon in her. Brad had remembered reading about a style of jutsu that could actually drain demon chakra and kill the demon. Brad snuck out of the village to find it, and to save his sensei, but by the time he learned it he was too late. His sensei was reported missing, and as a possible rogue ninja. He vowed to never let something like that happen again, and to always be there for his friends.


Health/Chakra Pool: 5
Chakra Control: 4
Taijutsu: 2
Ninjutsu: 5
Genjutsu: 0
Tools: 4
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Re: Naruto RP OOC: *IT LIVES*

Sun Sep 11, 2011 5:50 pm

Thinking of making a character just for the fun of it even though I am not a huge Naruto fun. Its a fun open universe what can I say?

Anyway just a question before I start cooking the CS, if we make young characters, meaning before the exam do they have the same stats as well, and how are we going to start? So that I know how to place my character.

@Styx: I would be up for a different village, what you have in mind? One of the big ones or a new small village?

Re: Naruto RP OOC: *IT LIVES*

Sun Sep 11, 2011 7:47 pm

Name: Malkizid Artithra

Theme: Devils trill.
Age: 20

Rank: Chūnin

Gender: Male

Village: Village hidden in the Shadow

Personality: Malkizid is a jaded individual and has been this way since he turned 10, some speculate it was right around the time his sister had passed on from the ailment that had wracked her body from the time she was born.
Though deeply passionate about what he tries to accomplish, the young man simply cannot bring himself to express more than a shrug or a grunt when it comes time to be social. This attitude problem has led to his withdrawal from social gatherings or friends for that matter, but from time to time has been known to pick up conversation very well so most speculate he can be friendly but chooses to avoid it.

A deep thinker and subtle in his tactics, Malkizid has made a name for himself in the short time he's been participating on missions as a true ninja. The higher-ups await anxiously his arrival to manhood.

- Forhead protector of the shadow
- Deep crimson eyes.
- Black medical face mask
- Silver necklace with a small locket attached. Contains a picture of his sister.
- Comfortable clothing.
- Long unbuttoned overcoat
- Form fitting gloves
- Standard navy blue ninja shoes.


- Long metal blade starting from his elbow to half a foot out from his hand. Serves as both a shield and a weapon depending on situation. (main combat weapon)
- Standard shuriken x5
- Throwing knives. x3

Justus/Skills: Abyssal transformation
Malkizid's family do not possess a bloodline like most others but they have perfected a series of jutsu's that make them perfect for stealth missions and decisive combat situations based on altering one's body or clothing, a master of these Jutsu's is said to be able to take on the form of a monsterous demon from the pits of hell itself. Such is merely speculation.

Chameleon - At the early stages this skill allows the user to turn their clothing and body to any color and blend in with the surroundings, at a masters level it is speculated to be 'invisible in plain sight'. Most sensors cannot detect them as the Jutsu barely requires Chakra to control the color shift.

Demon skin - As the name suggests, the user can freely turn clothing or flesh into hardened scales for a short duration at the beginners level so as to deflect what could have been a fatal blow while at a masters level they can coat their entire body in a thick coat of what seems to be solid steel, reflecting even the deadliest attacks without much effort.
The Demon Skin ability focuses Chakra along the individual cells and strengthens itself to imitate a demons hardened exterior, the more Chakra into an area the stronger it becomes.
The downside of this skill is the focus it takes to create a full coat of scales and the chakra to maintain in for a long duration. A master can hold the demon skin jutsu for up to 10 minutes.

Demon body - The jutsu user briefly turns objects into aspects of a demonic creature, like boots into hellish claws or gloves into spiked fists or blades but is not limited to such small thinking. A coat can be transformed for a few minutes into bat-like wings and imbued with the Demon skin jutsu to create a massive shield for himself or allies at great tax to the user.
This technique is rarely used to it's fullest potential due to the tax on Chakra it consumes to constantly shift objects frequently.
The Demon Body skill is one of the most powerful skills of Malkizid's clan but only a handful can take on a full-demon form.
Malkizid's full transformation.

Malkizid is still at an amateur level of his family Jutsu's but appears to be a natural at the Chameleon Jutsu, thought not at masters level.

Malkizid knows other attack-related Jutsu's taught by his village but these are the 3 most commonly used by him.


Malkizid was borne in a small village and raised from a young age by his father to do simple chores like fetching wood or catching fish and things like hunting or foraging, his sister was born a year after he was and grew heavily attached as years went by but the poor girl was cursed with an odd sickness from birth that made her both physically weak and mentally unstable due to the fevers yet was a very kind girl.
His sister was named Emily, Malkizid would spend a majority of his free time looking after her out of his own heart and not the request of his parents. The days were longer as the fever began to take a heavier and heavier toll on the girl to the point where she could no longer tell where they were or when it was. The day Emily forgot who Malkizid was shattered his heart and a day later Emily had passed on peacefully in her sleep.
Months went by before the boy was capable of thinking about anything other than his Sister, the silence shattered when his normally strict father approached him with a gift. A gift his sister had always talked about giving him but knew she never could get. It was a simple round amulet and inside was a picture of Emily's bright smile with an inscription scratched in, "Never give up and never slow down."
When Malkizid turned 11 he was trained by his father and his clan in the use of Ninja techniques and soared over all expectations, becoming skilled in the Chameleon jutsu by the age of 14 with lesser skill in many other core Jutsu's. His enrollment into the standard schooling program showed teachers and higher ups a rising star driven by an unknown motivation.

Stats (You have 20 points to spend on skills. If you have a zero for something, you cannot use that skill. Max is 7. Also, this is aptitude, not neccesaily power. ) (Example, Rock Lee would have a 7 in health, a 1 in control, a 0 in ninjutsu and genjutsu, a 7 in taijutsu, and a 5 in tools.)

Health/Chakra Pool: 5

Chakra Control: 5

Taijutsu: 4

Ninjutsu: 5

Genjutsu: 0

Tools: 1
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Sun Sep 11, 2011 8:27 pm

I would love the idea of one of the small ones Chaos or Shadow preferably

Re: Naruto RP OOC: *IT LIVES*

Sun Sep 11, 2011 10:54 pm


Old cs, working on her character a bit. I'm assuming that this is a semi-continuation of the previous, minus a few characters?

Name:Saotome, Akemi (Sao)(Bloodlust Nin)

Age: 24 (Jonin)

Gender: Female

Village: Hidden Leaves (Konoha)

Personality: She tries to act cold-hearted to keep her own fragile emotions safe and it is said by those who aren't close to her that she has no feelings. She acts impersonal, almost unfeeling and certainly uncaring when it has nothing to do with a mission. Not many have ever gotten into her circle of trust, and if they have, then they are no longer around to know it with the exception of those in her squad. She tends to act like a hard-ass, but she's learning to warm up a bit and let her true emotions show. It's been a long and harrowing journey for her, and her strides to showing emotion are slow and halting.

Appearance: Akemi has a tall, lean and willowy frame with muscles trained to be thin for the sake of the job, not to be thin. She has long and shiny straight dark brown hair that reaches her waist when it's down. Her pale complexion puts the whitest sheet of paper to shame, and her lips are a light pink and well-shaped with a full lower lip and an upper lip similar to that of a bow. She has dark green eyes framed in long almost-black lashes that change color with the background, her health, and what she's wearing. She has many small scars all over her body from her job, or running through the forest at break-neck speed. As for larger and more noticeable scars, she has a few. The first scar is right over her right eye, and surprisingly, she can still see out of the eye, as only the lids and the tip of the eyebrow was sliced. Another scar she had is the one that stretches from her ear, down the jaw line in a small wisp of spider's web, to the underside of her chin,then the middle of her throat, where it widens as it travels to her collarbone, where it widens slightly and down and to the middle of her chest. She then has a scar on her stomach, which is thick and white, showing that the wound was very deep, but healed cleanly. The scar goes from her rib, widening around the middle, and sloping away to the left, as the kunai that created that scar was partially blocked. Another large scar on her left thigh, tapering from her hipbone to the knee where it abruptly ends. The fourth scar is on her right ankle, and almost covers and it's barely a shade different from her pale skin color. The sixth scar is the one on the middle of her left arm, from a sword slash. She's usually seen wearing


Blood signature- This ninjutsu gives the user the power to change the blood that runs in their veins and activate the chakra inside it, so that when their blood touches anyone but themselves, or select people, it will become acidic and burn them, their clothes, even eat away at metals, but not rock. This can be combined with other weapons for elevated attack.

Sacrifice unlimited- A bloodline limit that is passed down through generations of female Saotome shinobi. This Kekkei Genkai gives the user , who drops some of their blood onto the ground, gives them a sense of bloodlust and heightened senses, and thus, heightened overall power. The downside to this limit is that there is no limit to the amount of blood than could be spilled, the user has no control over it, and they could die if they spill too much blood, and be in such a deep bloodlust that they wouldn't recognize the symptoms. The bloodline limit forces the user to continue their bloodlust until it either wears off (Depending on how much blood was sacrificed) after a few minutes, to not wearing off until hours later, which could be a problem, because she could be lusting for blood even after the battle has ended.

Shikumi no Jutsu, 死の観覧の術, literally "Death Foreseeing Technique"-This jutsu is much like the Temporary Paralysis Technique, but paralyzes the foe by showing them a vision of their own gruesome death through a puddle of either their own blood or Akemi's. In addition to the paralysis, the enemy is overwhelmed with fear, and will no doubt suffer severe mental stress.

Summoning:Kuchiyose no jutsu-
Allows Akemi to summon one of a few things- a basic beginning of an attack or defense. She can summon a very large black and red jaguar(At a large cost of chakra and strength) and a reserve of blood that she has hidden away. (*Note- she has some new secret habits..*)

Senbon Rain- (A senbon is a thin metal or wooden stick about eight to fifteen inches long, similar to a chopstick, with sharp points. They, when not used in battle, are used for healing purposes like acupuncture. The Sannin/Hunter nin use them to hit vital spots in the human body.)This taijutsu uses senbon(which can be replaced with kunai and shuriken should the number of senbon run low) to fall down in the shape of another item, such as rain, snow, leaves, flower petals, etc, and once upon landing, they change back into senbon, and the attacked person would find themselves filled with senbon(Or other such items) They are made out of steel regular senbon, the only thing that makes them deadly is the chakra and the placement of the senbon and where they hit.

Equipment: Longsword and 5 kunai/shuriken and many senbon.

Background: Grew up with older sister, younger brother, and parents in the village of Hidden Leaves. They were KIA.She likes the taste, look, feel, sound and smell of blood. She has grown to learn to trust again, although still cold and heartless, she went on her own after a while to train on her own to sort out her feelings. She is just coming back and is now completely different, although horrifyingly the same in many respects.
While in training while away, she tried to keep the 'inner beast' at bay, but failed at one training session, even though she knew it had been getting worse, and collapsed. During the time in which she was knocked out, she conversed with said beast and can now work together with it, her inner bloodlust much more easily activated- although at a much higher price.

Health/Chakra Pool: 5

Chakra Control: 5

Taijutsu: 3

Ninjutsu: 5

Genjutsu: 0

Tools: 5
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Sun Sep 11, 2011 11:04 pm

Yes, I still got my guy's CS! Time for Yu-Yu to rise again!

Re: Naruto RP OOC: *IT LIVES*

Sun Sep 11, 2011 11:21 pm

I'm thinking of bringing back Akemi, with an edited CS of course, major changes. If I can find her old CS, that is lol I might've lost it :o

Re: Naruto RP OOC: *IT LIVES*

Mon Sep 12, 2011 1:55 am

Hmm wasn't on my laptop so I had to fish him out of the old OOC.

I'll be waiting for confirmation on his ability and tweaking the CS in the mean time.

Re: Naruto RP OOC: *IT LIVES*

Mon Sep 12, 2011 3:39 pm

Hmm.. I think I'll bring in a CS.

I'm thinking of an ice ninja, but not too sure how to play it out jutsu wise xI

Re: Naruto RP OOC: *IT LIVES*

Mon Sep 12, 2011 7:18 pm

Name: Hyuuga Rai
Age: 18
Rank: Chuunin

Gender: Male

Village: Konoha

Personality: Rai is a very stubborn person who likes nothing more than to do things 'his' way. He shows respect towards those who he feels have earned it or should deserve it, however for the most part he tends to rub people the wrong way. He's a bit of a natural when it comes towards rebelling against those whom he sees as being 'wrong', and tends to do or say things just for the sake of contradicting someone's beliefs. This often puts Rai in an awkward position whenever he finds himself in disagreement with those he respects. He never wants to acknowledge another's thoughts or opinions when they differ from his own, however at the same time he forces himself to at least consider it if that person is someone Rai considers a friend. Normally if he finds himself clashing with someone else's beliefs he has no issues with shooting his mouth off and making himself heard. Even Rai finds that he doesn't even fully know what he wants or how he should do things within his life. This sometimes leads Rai into doing things the hard way on principle in certain situations. The one thing that he does know is that he wants to become a great ninja one day and is determined to make that happened.

Appearance: Like the rest of the Hyuuga clan, Rai has the trademark white eyes. These blank emotionless eyes show that he has the bloodline limit of the Byakugan. But this is the only part of Rai that resembles the traditional style that the Hyuuga clan normally boasts. His black hair is kept short at a medium almost shoulder length, messy around the sides and back with most of it spiking up on the top of his head. Other than his un tidy hair, he keeps his face well kept and is considerably handsome in the eyes of most people aside from a large horizontal scar that stretches across his forehead. Normally he lets his forehead protector hang around his neck, he doesn’t really pay much attention to the thing unless he knows he’ll need the extra protection.

His clothes also don’t resemble the normally traditional robes worn by the Hyuuga clan. Rai has a loosely fit gray and black t-shirt, that is left wide open in the front. Underneath his shirt, he is only wearing several white bandage esque wrappings that cover his entire chest up to the neck. On his right arm he sports the same bandage looking cloth, only for the most part you can’t see it because over top of the bandaging, he has a long black and fingerless glove that reaches all the way up to his elbow. His left arm only has the bandages going down his arm, and is absent of the black glove. His pants are the same gray and black color as his t-shirt, and are also baggy enough to allow for free movements.

http://i470.photobucket.com/albums/rr68 ... P2copy.jpg - The guy on the left


Byakugan- A bloodline limit that is passed down through the Hyuuga clan. It allows the user to see through certain objects, and is capable of seeing the inter chakra networks of living beings. The person using this ability also gains a certain “second sight” that makes them capable of sensing anything around them in a 50 meter radius. Another ability that is gained from the Hyuuga clan is the fact that he can use the gentle fist style of fighting. This style of fighting targets a person’s tenketsu, and attacking the inter chakra networks, dealing massive internal damage to opponents. It allows the person to release chakra through their body and into the opponent, either shutting down or overdriving a person’s chakra system.

Broken Fist Style- This is the first form of Taijutsu that Rai uses. Taking the basics of the Gentle Fist Style and changing them to his liking, Rai has created his own unique technique for combat. Rai developed his style of fighting based off the notion that he felt as if the Gentle fist style of his clan needed to have a much more devastating effect on opponents. Instead of using his chakra to hit an opponent's chakra points with precision strikes, Rai uses his chakra to boost the force of his blows by a large degree. He does this by attaching small needle like portions of concentrated chakra onto the surface of an object or an opponent each time he lands a hit onto them. The chakra then expands outwards rapidly, creating an explosive force that is capable of knocking opponents off their feet and deal massive damage given that enough chakra is used. Multiple strikes to the same area amplify these effects to a degree that could shatter bones with the shear concussive force. With his high level of chakra control, Rai is capable of doing this with any part of his body and with how this technique works even light touches can have large forces due to the chakra's expansion. Normally Rai explodes the chakra right after an opponent is struck, however he is able to control when the chakra explodes at will.

Sharpened Fist Style- This is the second form of taijutsu that Rai developed based off of the Gentle fist style that his clan uses. Unlike the Broken fist style which relies heavily on strong strikes and has a solid form, Sharpened Fist relies more upon fluid movements and sweeping motions. While using this form Rai gathers chakra at the tips of his fingers and sharpens it much like any Hyuuga would when using the Gentle fist. However instead of doing this to attack the chakra points of an enemy, he slashes at the chakra veins to achieve a similar end. These slashes can temporarily sever the chakra veins of an opponent and can either hinder or disable a person's ability to control chakra for short periods of time. His attacks while using this form can cut through flesh, however the physical wounds that are caused by the slicing are typically shallow and non lethal depending on where the person is struck. It is much more difficult to completely seal a person's ability to control chakra with this style and even then the effects only last for a few minutes at best. This form focuses on slowly chipping away at a foe's stamina, as each blow that damages an opponent makes it difficult or even painful to control their flow of chakra to the area that was hit.

Chakra Cannon/Spread Shot- Normally Rai releases his chakra through touch into his opponents, but he does have one range attack that he sometimes uses as his trump card. His spread shot ability sends the chakra points in his hands into overdrive, allowing him to expel an excessive amount of chakra through his fingers all at one time. It makes his chakra temporarily visible, and it shoots out from his hands making it a long range attack. Depending on how he uses this technique, he can either concentrate it heavily onto one point, dealing massive external damage along with the internal damage. Or he can spread it into a wide ranged attack, only dealing some physical damage while potentially hitting multiple chakra points. Either way it leaves him drained of a massive amount of chakra, and normally he is unable to expel anymore chakra in the arm he used for quite some time afterwards.

Equipment: None

Background: Rai was born into the head family of the Hyuuga clan and much was expected from his noble upbringings. But Rai never liked being told what to do, he almost instinctively liked to go against the grain and would constantly rebel against authority. Despite the fact that he was raised to be a respectful and high classed person, he always fought his teachings and did as he pleased to do. This resentful attitude towards his family methods made him somewhat an outcast from his own clan. They did not decide disown him, but he was given very harsh treatment nonetheless. He never seemed to mind, in fact he preferred having things harder on himself. He believed that having things tough would only make him stronger. His beliefs were indeed the truth, and through his harsh training he only became stronger and more resentful of those people around him. Many people saw him as being a no class punk that was only good at fighting, and in many senses that was the truth. In fact, his family denied him from taking the chunnin exams several times because they believed that he did not have enough respect to become the next level ninja.

After becoming a part of a team and learning what it meant to rely on others, he slowly began to change. The first person he had ever opened up to or shown respect for was the teacher of his squad, a woman that he had grown very fond of and developed feelings for through their missions together. Things were always complicated between Rai and his teammates, and many times their differences almost drove them apart. Even with all the troubles their team had, Rai and the squad did their duties well and quickly earned a lot of respect from their success. Rai was even sent to the Village Hidden in the Sand as a diplomat of sorts for nearly a year to make arrangements for the then upcoming Chunin exams. Eventually Rai began to open up more with others as well, particularly to Souon a girl that belonged to another squad. He had grown close to the girl in a relatively short time, going so far as to making a promise to help her reach her dream of becoming ANBU. He had also developed some feelings for the girl over time, however the turmoil within his own squad and between his teacher has created much confusion for him about many things within his life. Rai blames himself for what happened to his two teammates Rin and Hinote during one of their missions. Rin went missing and has been presumed dead, while Hinote received terrible injuries that left her in a coma.


Health/Chakra Pool: 7

Chakra Control: 7

Taijutsu: 6

Ninjutsu: 0

Genjutsu: 0

Tools: 0
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Re: Naruto RP OOC: *IT LIVES*

Tue Sep 13, 2011 6:47 am

Even though I don't even like the show itself, I do like the Naruto universe... I'm feeling drawn to this

Could I create a character that's completely over the top? Not power wise, but personality. I've always wanted to create a psychopathic character. Nothing that would harm the others, or hamper the plot in any heavy way. Just a really crazy character.

Re: Naruto RP OOC: *IT LIVES*

Tue Sep 13, 2011 7:43 am

Ergh. it's hard to resist applying for this...
Anyway, im assuming it's okay to apply for a rank higher then genin right? Is there a limit to how many jutsu you can know?

Re: Naruto RP OOC: *IT LIVES*

Tue Sep 13, 2011 1:16 pm

Asmodai wrote:Could I create a character that's completely over the top? Not power wise, but personality. I've always wanted to create a psychopathic character. Nothing that would harm the others, or hamper the plot in any heavy way. Just a really crazy character.

Should be fine. Been plenty of characters like that over the years and no one's ever had issues with them. Highly doubt Geo will.

Oh, Bradao, might wanna take out the combination jutsus. It's pretty much impossible for a genin to have learnt that stuff when a lot of the times such techniques are done exclusively by people with inherited Kekkei Genkai, meaning they couldn't be done by someone else studying up on it, or even by someone using a Sharingan to try and copy it. Wood, using earth and water, is only possible for a handful of people. Most of which were shoved full of DNA from the only guy to naturally use it.

Re: Naruto RP OOC: *IT LIVES*

Tue Sep 13, 2011 4:12 pm

I'm having too much fun with this... I'm hoping the Jutsu are okay, I tried to keep it as balanced as possible. Might add more if I can think of any.

--- WIP ---

Name: Jin, full name Hatakeyama Jin

Age: 19

Rank: Chūnin

Gender: Female

Village: Village hidden in the Shadow

Personality: Jin is what you would call a textbook example of a psychopath. Doesn't know how to act around those still alive, preferring the company of her targets, even if that time might be short. She takes an immense amount of pleasure out of killing men, even going as far as saying it's the only time she truly feels alive.
Her specialty lies in assassinations, using her good looks to seduce the target and get them alone. More often than not she takes her role more serious than perhaps necessary, going as far as to have sex with the target before finishing him (or her, although women are not her prime target) off.
Jin isn't very scrupulous. She knows she has a good body and uses it whenever she can to get what she needs. She likes to embarrass others by coming on very strong, liking it even more when they go along with it.
She has a weird relationship with men, hating what they stand for, power, corruption and dominance, but loving what they can do. She can be mean and very spiteful, especially against other girls. She likes to think she's superior to any of them.
She's always been alone, forcefully pushing away anybody who might try to get close to her. She isn't under the impression that you need friends to get a job done.
Can be very cynical or sarcastic if she doesn't like a topic.
Very egocentric about her appearance. Very narcissistic. Doesn't tolerate any woman looking better than her. She even enjoys using her shadow clones for more... Inappropriate tasks. "Double the experience, double the joy."
Never talks about her past, and it's best if you never ask. People who might get to insistent, might get hurt. Those who need to know, know, those who don't need to know will probably never know.
While being somewhat goofy (in her own, provocative way), she's very serious when it comes to assignments.
Oh, and don't think she's a shallow girl who only has one thing on her mind. There is a deeper layer, where she's simply a little girl without anybody caring for her, a little girl who's deathly afraid of her father. It's just that this side never comes out and she would probably kill anybody who ever finds out.



Jin has, what some would say, a perfect body. She's around 5'6". Her skin is slightly tanned, showing no tanning stripes and has a flawless complexion, with not a single blemish on it, giving her a sort of porcelain doll look. Though she's far from the likes of a fragile porcelain doll.
She has a hourglass figure, with both full hips and a chest while having a slim waist. Which she enjoys showing off.
Her hair is raven black, even having that glimmer in it from feathers, which she keeps at shoulder blade length. During missions, or enroute to a missions, she keeps her hair in a ponytail for ease.
She has light green eyes, giving her even more the look of a raven, that show no passion or mercy. If looks could kill, Jin would be record holder. The only times you might see any flicker of life or joy in them, would be when she's knee deep in someone's blood (metaphorically speaking, she normally keeps it pretty clean).

Knowing full well that she has a killer body, in a more literal sense than most are comfortable with, she dresses provocatively. She loves to show off as much skin as possible, while still maintaining that sense of mystique about her (mystique, as in not showing off everything at first glance). Her regular cloths consist of a black kimono, to match her hair, that shows of a lot of cleavage and is just beyond crotch length. It's held closed by a large white cloth, wrapped around her waist.
She doesn't actually wear any pants, instead wearing semi-transparent black stockings that go up to her thigh. This can cause some interesting reactions if she ever needs to bend over to pick something up, which only amuses her to no end.
Finishing the outfit with black boots that stop just below her knees that have open toes and small heels, giving her that extra height boost.



Advanced Shadow Clone technique - The specialty of Jin. This Jutsu allows Jin to create a doppelganger of herself, much like the normal Shadow Clone technique. However, Jin has given it her own touch. She can clone anything, as long as she has a clear image of it. Meaning that she can not only copy herself, but also tools, even other people.
The same advantages and disadvantages of the regular technique apply, meaning that any experience gained through the clone is returned to the user. Training goes faster and scouting is easier. However, since the chakra of the user is divided among the clones (only applies to human clones), it means that the original user is left in a weakened state. Tools require hardly any chakra, but the small amounts can achieve a snowball effect if repeatedly used.
In order to copy other people, she needs as much information as she can get. Height, weight, hair color, even down to how they walk or how their breath might smell. The more information she can get, the more "real" the clone.
These clones can be given simple directives, like "run away", making the clone run away from whatever might be chasing them. The more complex a directive, the higher the chance of it backfiring. For example: She has cloned another person and given it the directive to mingle with other people and engage in small talk. The chances are high that the clone will start speaking gibberish, jumping from one topic to another without much consistency, which would be suspicious.

Expunge - Another touch Jin has given to her shadow clones, albeit a more sadistic one. She can essentially detonate her clones, bloating the clone and releasing all the chakra in a violent explosion. These explosions are usually strong enough to severely injure anybody standing within arms length of a clone, and knock anybody within a 15 feet radius unconscious.
While exceptionally powerful, it does leave the user without any of the advantages of the shadow clone. All experience and chakra is lost, making it either a last resort or an opening attack for other to finish.

Danse Macabre - Once more powered by her affinity with creating clones, this technique is more of a dance, adopted into a fighting style. Jin engages into a quick, more often sensual, dance, hopefully distracting anybody who might be looking.
Without much warning, she throws out kunai or shuriken while dancing, at blinding speed. She quite literally turns into a human machine gun.
This technique works best against multiple, unsuspecting targets. It's an ideal technique if one wishes to quickly clear an entire room, as the blades are not on her before she gets on stage (or any other kind of open area where spectators might look).
It's a chakra heavy technique, that can be very tiring if used for prolonged duration.

"Emperor, your sword won’t help you out
Scepter and crown are worthless here
I've taken you by the hand
For you must come to my dance"


Nightfall - A fairly complex genjutsu technique, this technique makes the victim think it's nightfall. It takes away most of the victims sight, though it's not a blinding technique. The way this works best, is if the user doesn't take away all the victim's vision. The more believable the night, the harder it is to break the illusion.
During the cover of this artificial night, Jin can do what she does best and that is sneaking around.

Blind spot - A play on the victim's visionary sensors, it allows Jin to step into the user's blind spot, effectively turning her invisible for the victim.
There are limitations to this technique, it only works when outside of direct vision of the victim. So as long as she stays to the sides of the victims vision, she's fine. The moment she's looked at directly, the victim can see her.

Femme Fatale - This genjutsu plays on the victim's lust. Essentially, it makes Jin their focus point. They cant think or look at anything else, but Jin. As if she is the only woman left in the world. It can work on groups, but to a lesser effect.

A very useful technique in combination with the shadow clones. Imagine a target, always surrounded by bodyguards, even during nights. An opportunity can arise where the target, together with his bodyguards, might find himself in a tavern of some sorts. Jin could perform an act, using the Femme Fatale technique to keep the target occupied, while a shadow clone (using the appearance of someone else) comes around to backstab the target. Jin only needs to play the part of a distressed girl, while the guards chase the wrong target.
It also helps when it's difficult to isolate a target.

Equipment: Kunai, Tanto, Shuriken. Given her Advanced Shadow Clone technique, she doesn't actually carry these on her.
She prefers small, bladed weapons. These get her as close to the target as she could, to look the victim in their eyes and enjoy those last moments together.


The Crimson Wing
To understand the past of Jin, one must understand the source of her misery. Her father, Hatakeyama Takaki. Warlord of the Crimson Wing, Butcher of the North.

Takaki had always been raised by old morals, men were superior and it was the highest privilege to die for your daimyou. Which is why he joined the army as soon as he could, where he became known as a ruthless fighter. In fact, he was considered so ruthless in combat, that he got scolded about it more than one occasion. None of the other soldiers would spar with him anymore, because it was simply too dangerous.

But the daimyou saw potential in this, he saw a use in the ruthlessness of Takaki. He recruited Takaki for something new, a terror squad called the Crimson Wing. The use for this so called terror squad was to move in before the main forces, deep within enemy territory and wreck havoc among the villages there. Demoralize the stationed forces. Takaki was given carte blanche, he could arrange how his team looked, how many there were and what their actions would be. As long as the team did what what the daimyou ordered it to do.

Takaki assembled 13 of the finest soldiers he knew. He indoctrinated them into thinking just like him, turning them in literal copies of himself. These men wouldn't hesitate a second if the daimyou had asked them to jump on their own sword. Takaki knew he could trust his life with these men. He trained them all personally, turning them into the 13 finest swordsmen you've ever seen. They could cut the wings off a fly, without even killing the fly itself. The Crimson Wing was ready.


Health/Chakra Pool: 3
Chakra Control: 5
Taijutsu: 0
Ninjutsu: 7
Genjutsu: 4
Tools: 1
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