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Re: The Thanatos Effect OOC: Sign Ups Open!!!

Fri Mar 11, 2011 2:12 pm

You can still have a plasma knife if you like but you wouldn't really need it. No matter what type of SIREN you make you'll be able to rip through steel like it was paper mache.

Re: The Thanatos Effect OOC: Sign Ups Open!!!

Fri Mar 11, 2011 4:09 pm

Wow, this is getting so popular. ^^ Very cool.

In a related vein, I'd like to give a general heads-up to anyone interested in/trolling this thread. The plot is being designed for an intimate number of heroes (I'd prefer to not exceed 10 player characters). Bryan and I might need to be a little selective when accepting PCs.

If your character doesn't make the cut, I'd like to apologize now. In my experience, an intimate number of PCs provides better character development, and makes for a more rewarding game experience in general.
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Re: The Thanatos Effect OOC: Sign Ups Open!!!

Fri Mar 11, 2011 4:12 pm

...Bryan? Your name is Bryan, Bolts?

Re: The Thanatos Effect OOC: Sign Ups Open!!!

Fri Mar 11, 2011 4:15 pm

Yes, yes it is.

Re: The Thanatos Effect OOC: Sign Ups Open!!!

Fri Mar 11, 2011 4:26 pm

Well, that's no odder than Mason.

Re: The Thanatos Effect OOC: Sign Ups Open!!!

Fri Mar 11, 2011 4:32 pm

Although it is odd that that's both our mothers' maiden name.

Re: The Thanatos Effect OOC: Sign Ups Open!!!

Fri Mar 11, 2011 4:33 pm

Yeah, really.

Re: The Thanatos Effect OOC: Sign Ups Open!!!

Fri Mar 11, 2011 5:36 pm

working on a CS now...

Re: The Thanatos Effect OOC: Sign Ups Open!!!

Fri Mar 11, 2011 9:22 pm

I had a LOT of fun with this... especially the gun part, that was so much fun to do

Name: Ren Ishii

Age: 25

Sex: Female

Appearance: Ren is, in case the name didn't give it away, from Eastern descent. However only in appearance, she's a Anatolian through and through. Her mother is a born and bred Anatolian, which would explain her rather long posture at 5'7. Everything else about her is as Eastern as it can get. Brown eyes and a fairly tanned skin with long raven black hair. She looked like she would be better off on a models runway, than the military.
A common mistake people make is thinking that just because she is some pretty girl, means she doesn't know how to fight. Dont make that mistake, the last one who made that mistake was send to the infirmary with several broken bones.

Visual aid!

Clothing: She seen most often wearing a short, tight tank top with leather jacket and lowrider cargo pants.
On base however she sticks to the military issued uniforms.

Ren is cold and methodical, always keeping her mind on the task ahead. She won't ever deviate from the mission, unless given order to do so. This also means that she will leave any possible opportunity objectives alone, as they would only stall her. Doesnt enjoy working together with others, as they tend to slow her down. Little are able to keep up with her pace of action. She finds enjoyment in battle whenever she enters it, to the sadistic point.

Racist towards Moldavians, of which she makes no secret. Despite her father being from the Eastern parts of Moldavia, she feels no sympathy for them. Her solution to the war? Bomb the crap out of every Maldovan city until there's not a single Maldovian rat left running.

Skills: CQC Specialist. Trained in the use of shotgun and submachine guns, as well as hand to hand combat.
Employs guerrilla style fighting, hit & run missions to slowly dwindle the enemy forces one by one.

Background: Born from a Anatolian mother and a Eastern father, she somehow managed to get the best of both sides. The length of her mother, but the exoticness of her father. Neither of her parents were in the military, and they led a pretty good life. Her mother was once a famous performer in the opera house, with her father as maestro. But they gave up that life once Ren was born.

Ren grew up not missing anything, yet she never was contend with anything. She didnt like her rich life, where everything was handed to her on a silver plate. And already at the age of 8 she started rebelling against her parents, throwing away the expensive gifts they got her. She didnt want to have anything to do with the expensive private school they send her, instead insisting she was send to a public school. She never hung around kids of her parents income class, instead hanging around the lower class kids.

By the age of 18 she did what she thought was the best act of rebellion she had come up with. Her parents had always thought she would go into modelling, or perhaps even a singing career. Ren however joined the army. But the joke backfired on her, as her parents were so devastated by her choice, they actually disowned her. Not having anywhere to go, she decided to stay with the army.
Surprisingly enough she actually enjoyed it. There was something about the strict discipline that was to be maintained here. Plus, it was fun to beat all those men. There was nothing as satisfying as seeing a man crumble after being beaten by a pretty girl. She made quite a few friends there, class meant nothing there.

She quickly rose through the ranks and became known as a ruthless person, skilled in close combat and generally someone you dont want to antagonize. The shotgun and submachine gun became her tools of the trade, outperforming anybody in the base. Even the veterans came to respect her. She also showed remarkable tactical insight, far more advanced than you'd expect from a recruit. She was appointed squad leader with only her first year done.

After two years of training her squad was send on their first assignment. It was a simple assignment, patrol the borders and keep a good lookout. Maldova hadnt been spotted in quite a while now, but every now and then they would probe the defenses. And it was their job to scare them off.

Ren and her squad were making their way through the dense forests, towards their next OP. They were loud and rowdy, intel hadnt shown any signs of enemies and the night was still young. Even Ren was busy conversing with one of her friends. In hindsight she always wondered that perhaps, if she werent so busy talking, she could've seen them. Perhaps. But as history showed, she didnt and as the first shot was fired she froze. It was so surreal, a flash out of a bush followed by a tremendous bang and where her friends face once was, was now a hole.

It took her a while before she figured out what happened, too long. By the time she started giving orders half her squad was already dead. She ordered a retreat into the forests, into the cover of the night. Out of the original 15 men and woman, only she herself had managed to escape. Her radio was busted so there was no way of calling in back-ups. She was left to herself until reinforcements would arrive.

She was hunted for nearly an entire day, but she always managed to keep one step ahead of the Maldovan squad. She used crude traps to slow them down, as a direct fight would easily kill her. There must've been at least seven or so Maldovan soldiers hunting for her, but they only managed to catch glimpses of her as she weaved through the forest as if it was her own home.

22 hours after her squad was hit, a rescue squad arrived. The Maldovan squad was successfully pushed back and Ren was quickly evacuated from the area. Lots of inquiries were done on the situation, but the proof was there. While she had failed miserably as a squad captain, she shone as a lone wolf. The way she adapted to the alien environment and managed to outsmart veterans on an unequal battlefield was astonishing. This was how EPSILON took an interest in her. They valued her special skills, and asked her to become part of a new experiment.

Ren accepted, but that night had changed her. She wouldn't ever lead a squad again, and would keep people at bay. She became cold and distant, pushing people away from her by

SIREN Profile

Name: Vindicta

Type: Assault

Physical Description: An mixture between good defense and offense, the Vindicta assault model
SIREN is made to get in fast and get out fast.
The optical visor allows the user to connect to various cameras, be it team members or gun cams.

Max Speed: 35 MPH
Strength: Medium
Defense: Medium
Agility : Medium


FR-27 SFR Combat Rifle
The Steiner Bisley Sanction Flechette Rifle is a new kind of modern rifle called "combat rifle". This new type of rifle keeps the compact and light appearance of an assault carbine while provinding the same power as a battle rifle. The flechettes that it uses are faster and more powerful than conventional bullets (an effect of being larger, heavier rounds), these rounds are fin-stabilized and fired by a smoothbore barrel. This power comes with a cost though as only 20 rounds can be held in a single magazine. During reload, the rifle is broken open and a fresh magazine is inserted by the top of the rifle. The cocking hand on the left side is rotated clockwise by the player. The FR-27 SFR can fire Osprey Ltd FR-27 Flechette Ordinance rounds. These rounds have a guidance system, which uses a rifle-mounted targeting system to steer the projectile in-flight.

Rate of fire: 850
Weight: 3.7Kg (with clip)
Effective range: 500m - 700m
Magazine capacity: 20
Barrel length: 380mm
Length: 750mm
Caliber: 7.62x51mm flechette rounds

Tpps-132s "Jackal" spec-ops SMG
The Tpps-132 has become the standard recoil-less SMG for vehicle crew. Praised for it's small size and high rate of fire, it's a favorite among those that need a quick fix in close quarters.
The tpps-132s version was specifically designed for spec-ops missions, and comes with a few interesting features.
-It features a tracking sight, unlike the iron sight version of the regular tpps-132. The tracking sight is in sync with the SIREN optics, making the gun the 'eye' of the user.
-It has an interchangeable frame, allowing it to use different kinds of ammunition. depending on the situation. Standard ammo for the tpps-132 is 12mm, but the tpps-132s also has room for higher caliber bullets up to the heavy .45 caliber rounds. Obviously, the larger the caliber the less bullets it can hold.
-It's clips can be set to detonate, letting them function as shrapnel grenades or proximity mines.

Rate of fire: 1200 - 1500
Weight: 3.2Kg (with clip)
Effective range: Depends on ammunition
Magazine capacity: 64
Barrel length: 280mm
Length: 540mm
Caliber: 12mm

Linebacker G-87 MSGL (Multiple Shot Grenade Launcher)
The Linebacker G-87 MSGL is a semi-automatic bullpup grenade launcher developed by Steiner Bisley. It fires low velocity 40mm grenades, each of which are loaded with a high explosive fragmentation charge. The weapon uses a unique horizontally-mounted loading system. The magazine is mounted above the barrel.

Rate of Fire: 6
Weight: 6.35Kg (loaded)
Effective range: 500m for point target aim 700m for area targets
Magazine capacity: 6
Barrel length: 102mm
Length: 243mm
Ammunition types: Thermobaric
HE Airbursting round

Widowmaker TX
With it's wide area-of-effect and good damage capability, the Widowmaker TX is the customary choice when it comes to room clearing, riot control and police actions. Reload speed and accuracy are trade-offs for its stopping power.

The Widowmaker TX supports multiple types of shells, ranging from buckshot to solid slugs to incendiary. Has a burst firing mode, so that it shoots 2 shells every time the trigger is pulled.

Rate of Fire: 300
Weight: 5.2Kg (loaded)
Effective range: depending on ammunition
Magazine capacity: 12
Barrel length: 457mm
Length: 991mm
Caliber: 12 gauge cartridge

Back-up weapon:

Diamondback .357
Often used as a back-up weapon for corporate security agents and or law enforcement officers, the Diamondback .357 is a heavyweight, double action revolver with a swing-out cylinder. It's compact and dense frame make it a powerful weapon, but it's short effective range and low ammunation capacity are trade-offs for the power it delivers.

It uses telescoped ammunition which the projectile is completely enveloped in the case by the propellant. This revolver can also use heavyweight .357 magnum special explosive rounds. The weapon uses a side break action rather than conventional top break action for reloading.

Rate of Fire: depending on user
Weight: 1.6Kg (loaded)
Effective range: 30m
Magazine capacity: 6 round cylinder
Barrel length: 203mm
Length: 330mm
Caliber: .357 Compact

Theme song: "Disclaimer" - The Dears

EDIT: Changed personality to make it a bit more consistent, changed background as well. Theme song added
EDIT EDIT: Tralalala I'm a little teapot, short and stout
EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT: Added picture for appearance
EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT: I'm running out of edits!
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Re: The Thanatos Effect OOC: Sign Ups Open!!!

Sat Mar 12, 2011 4:02 am

As usual, awesome job, Asmo. There are a few corrections that need to be made which I'll PM to you.

Re: The Thanatos Effect OOC: Sign Ups Open!!!

Sat Mar 12, 2011 4:46 am

Gah, I can't resist the temptation any longer. D:


Name : Terrence Cross
Age : 23
Sex : Male

Appearance :
Reference image 1 : Portrait Photography
Terrence stands at 6ft 4 for height with an average build. He has cool gray eyes and thick blond hair which is always a mess, curling at some of the tips. He constantly smiles and is always happy which easily changes the mood in most situations when things seem grim. Although it remains a rumor, it has been said that a large number of scars of varying shapes and sizes riddle his back which spark the gossip of his eventful past as a soldier and Sergeant.

Clothing :
Terrence is constantly seen with a white colored military jacket. On the inside, he wears a simple shirt of constantly different color. His cargo pants and combat boots are both black in color, and he never takes off the old scratched up dog tags which hang from his neck.

Personality :
Terrence often wears a smile on his face and is always in a happy mood, even to the point of making jokes in tactical meetings. His optimism and positivity often misleads people into thinking that he's either very very happy or very very dumb. Make no mistake though when on missions, his face takes on a more serious expression and his attitude changes almost completely. Despite his cheerfulness and often carefree attitude, he has been seen charging through enemy lines without a single flinch and this has earned respect among his peers. He also has a sweet tooth and is trying to cure his addiction by switching to sugar-free snacks instead of his massive secret stash of candy.

It is odd however, that no one has ever managed to discover the slightest bit of his past and it doesn't seem like Terrence has any intentions to reveal anything to anyone.

Skills :
- Infiltrations Expert
- Demolitions Expert
- Marksmanship, well-versed with various weaponry
- Closer Quarters Combat and Urban Warfare Expert
- Experienced in Riot Control and Urban Pacification
- Experienced with setting up ambush tactics and traps
- Parkour
- Advanced Driving

Background :
Some men are born great, other have greatness thrust upon them

Born in the year of 2233, Terrence was raised in an average family with no siblings by his father and mother. His parents and himself were born Anotolians but going further back to the past, some of his relations were originally English Maldovans who eventually escaped to Anotolia in order to avoid the dangers of war. At the ripe age of 15, Terrence had already found his calling as a gifted student of music. He excelled in his Art and was an amazing cello player who won a good number of competitions in his time. However, nothing ever stays the same.

Around two years later when he was 17, he was involved in a fatal accident which would change his life forever. On his way back from his lessons, it was reported that a car accident had left him in serious unstable medical status and was immediately sent to the hospital for emergency intensive care. His spine was injured severely and the doctors weren't even able to tell him the news of his inability to walk until he woke up from his coma a week later. This easily worried the one who had been in the car the first place, a politician who was currently running a tight campaign at the time and wanted badly to win. Then a idea came into mind, if he could pay for the best treatment to help Terrence recover from his ordeal, he would save a life, avoid scandals and maybe even increase his reputation and image in front of the public. In just roughly a year, Terrence was released and walking again on his own two feet. His passion for music however had dulled due to all the confinement and tests he went through for his treatment. Right after that, he disappeared by doing nothing and was nothing more than a ghost for two months.

After that, he suddenly reappeared on the streets as your everyday Anotolian. He remained an unchanged man but his passion for music had already faded away. Terrence never made a single mention of his disappearance for one whole year nor about why he had been absent at both his parents' funerals and burials. In just three months however, he had found a new direction in life and enrolled himself for services in protection for the Republic of Anotolia. His records described him as a soldier with potential and great caliber who displayed expertise in demolitions and infiltration missions.

In just three years, he steadily rose into the rank of Sergeant with the praises of his seniors in his presence and their jealous insults in his absence. As the Sergeant of a small squad of 14 men, he and his team bravely fought through many enemy lines and held great respect for each other, especially their commanding Sergeant. A few months away from his fourth year in service and a possible promotion to a Master Sergeant, Terrence was offered a position he literally could not refuse. The current Sergeant First Class, Staff-Sergeant and even the Master Sergeant brought news of an offer with apparent glee. They made it extremely clear that they had no space for a new Master Sergeant in this part of the Republic nor any other part of the continent for that matter, and no he could definitely not remain there as a Sergeant.

In the end, Terrence had been seemingly forced into agreement to participate in whatever projects that Celcius would offer him. His bags were packed with haste and before he knew it, he was sent out of the army with the goodbyes of his former team. The year is now 2256 and it appears that Terrence has come to call Neo Thermopolis and the Celcius Corporation itself his new home.

[ SIREN Profile ]

Name : Spider MK05

Type : Assault

Physical Description :
Reference image 1 : Helmet
Reference image 2 : Body Armor

The Spider SIREN Assault Suit was made with the intentions of creating a soldier capable to get up close in combat to tear through enemy lines without falter and still retain efficiency in ranged combat. It stands at a height of 6ft 4, only slightly taller than Terrence with a white tinted pair of eyes on a black face which resembles an eerie skull in design. The eyes are tinted with a special mix of substances and chemicals which make it capable of even dulling the most painful of flash grenades. The knuckles are spiked and retractable claws hidden within the fingers can be triggered to rip through heavy armor with ease. The numbers 05 are painted in white on the forehead of the helmet with a white circle surrounding them. The armor is painted pure white, able to completely reflect light and blind his enemies in combat. It is able withstand firearms better than Scout SIRENS do, able to shrug off small arms and even take a shotgun blast to the chest without any injuries.

Specs :
Maximum Speed : 30MPH
Strength : Medium-High
Defense : Medium
Agility : High

Weapons :
Venom, GAMP22
Known as the world's most versatile firearm, the Galactic Ammunition Machine Pistol 22 is the current successor of a long line of reliable small arms and submachine guns created by the Source firearms company. Although it has been heavily redesigned and modified to be more durable, reliable and effective for use by Terrence, the submachine gun's unique and revolutionary feature of being able to fire almost any type of pistol, revolver and rifle ammunition remains. A sight-rail, red-dot sight and flashlight are attached to it and a suppressor makes Venom Terrence's most silent and deadliest of his arsenal. Venom relies on a feed system of fifty bullets of different shapes, sizes and purposes.

Tangleweb, ACS M2011
One of the most deadliest weapons ever made for urban combat purposes, the Automatic Combat Shattergun M2011 can easily empty buildings and enclosed spaces in a matter of seconds. Now modified for complete effectiveness when in the hands of Terrence in his Spider SIREN, the shotgun has been redesigned into a double-barreled shotgun of over-and-under design. Despite being double-barreled, it's rate of fire has not been reduced in the slightest bit due to a newly fitted reloading mechanism on the left side of both barrels where magazines holding up to twelve cartridges can be inserted. A Trijicon reflex sight and stock are attached in order to increase accuracy and reduce its recoil. A unique ammunition called the 'Web' was specially developed for the Tangleweb and helped it gain its name with its ability to spread less in increased distance, easily piercing through the toughest of armor and weigh enemies down with its heavy needle-like contents.

Mine Weaver, AMGL M-33
A modified version of the Automatic Grenade Launcher M-32, the newly inserted M stands for Micro which refers to its lighter weigh and its capacity to carry eight smaller but still as deadly grenades in its chamber instead of the original six. The large variety of grenades used with this weapon makes it a versatile one, ranging from immediate explosions upon impact, glue traps and napalm bombs to the unique sticky mines which latch onto almost any surface, or enemy, and explode when triggered.

Black Widow, Brink USR42
The first ever Sniper Rifle made by the Brink Firearms Company and produced only once for the Spider Assault SIREN. It was named the Ultimate Sniper Rifle 42 for its explosive power and unbelievable piercing ability. The rifle has been tested even on the recreated versions of Maldovan tanks, with complete success. The Black Widow however can only load up to ten bullets for every magazine inserted and has very poor rate of fire. The bullets themselves have been tailored and perfected to destroy the most thickest of armor and to inflict as much damage as possible to enemy vehicles.

Tarantula, VLMG429
The Vector Light Machine Gun 429 had many problems in the past when it had been involved in a dangerous conflict with its similarities to the Macromini Machine Gun of a rival company, but it soon resolved itself with a large sum of money which they had received for giving its blueprints to the Celcius company. Once in their hands, it was completely redesigned into a more light-weighted and smaller sized machine gun. Probably one of his more favored weapons, Terrence often uses the Light Machine Gun in often to tear through a heavy defense of enemy infantry.

Emergency Weapon :
Fang, HK 54D
An emergency firearm kept inside a compartment on the right leg, the Hockle and Katcher 54D is a pistol which loads in 15 bullets per magazine and is only used when Terrence is in a tight spot. A small red-dot sight is attached to the gun and despite being extremely weak if compared to the Spider's DART weaponry, it is better to note that Terrence can still be a hard foe to match with his emergency sidearm.

Other Equipment :
- Three smoke grenades Type B3, releases a blue smoke with a special mixture of a highly dangerous tear gas combined with nitrogen gas and helium. This causes the gas to be extremely efficient against foes, even when armored, by causing them to be instantly nauseous, lose control of themselves and deteriorate their senses to the point of unconsciousness within seconds.
- Three flash grenades Type W4, tailored for maximum blinding and disorientation of the senses to those in close proximity

Theme song : Still Alive - Lisa Miskovsky remixed by Teddybears
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Re: The Thanatos Effect OOC: Sign Ups Open!!!

Sat Mar 12, 2011 9:38 am

Don't resist Music, enjoy the virtual wars.

Re: The Thanatos Effect OOC: Sign Ups Open!!!

Sat Mar 12, 2011 11:44 am

did some work/editing with mine, fixed a few things you pointed out.

Re: The Thanatos Effect OOC: Sign Ups Open!!!

Sat Mar 12, 2011 12:06 pm

Give me a shout if you want me to expand any thing Bolts

Name: Viscont Slavik

Age: 28

Sex: Male

Appearance: Viscont stands at an average height just shy of 6”, from a general outlook the man appears plain and unassuming however these are merely appearances. Viscont has dyed his hair dark brown and wears contacts when off the field. He has a streamlined muscular build, with fair skin.

Originally it is known that Viscont is a natural red head but when on the field it was determined that his hair could give away his position, since then he has dyed it regular while in service yet it is not recorded what his original eye color is, when he is out in the open they are brown but this is due to the contacts he wears.
His face is clean shaven and his dyed hair short, it’s rather messy due to his head gear as well as the fact he cares very little about how it looks.

Clothing: When outside his suit, Viscont can be found in his regular military fatigues. But on the rare occasions when he goes out in civilian clothing it’s known that he looks like a member of the working class, plain and often dirty trousers, shirts and shoes. No one can tell if it’s force of habit from his upbringing or because of his time behind enemy lines.

Personality: Viscont isn’t a man for idle chat, to most he is considered one of those strong silent, lone wolf kind of guys. However the truth is he isn’t a man to waste words about ‘the weather’ or ‘what movie you recently saw’ and such. Instead Viscont chooses to listen and pitch in when he feels it is appropriate.
This personality has stemmed from his speciality; see but don’t be seen. Any useless chat would likely give away his position, after years of watching, giving intel to high command, Viscont has become use to picking up loose information.
He isn’t overly kind or protective, Viscont prefers to consider if it would be wise to interfere, almost methodical at times however he is also a patient man who is willing to listen about other people’s problems or stories.

On the field he is a precise man, preferring to avoid needless casualties or collateral damage when possible but he will not shy away from alternatives that might allow him to have an advantage. He is self sufficient and intelligent, taking what he can and planning ahead in case worse came to worse.

Skills: Silent advancement, infiltrator, self sufficiency, observation, psychological warfare, sniper.

Background: Viscont doesn’t speak much about his past or about his family, if he even has one. All that is really known about him is that he originally was assigned as a spotter in a sniper team. They had been designated as forward scouting team, penetrating deep into enemy territory so that they could observe their progression during the war. They were tasked with sabotaging as well as observing their actions during the enemy’s occupation of another country.
At first the mission went as planned and they were able to remain undetected but by chance they had been spotted. Neither member of the team has ever figured out how they were found, it’s one of the reasons to why Viscont now makes sure his gear remains unreflective as possible.

Forced to pull out of the region they headed to the predetermined evacuation site but his partner was in his leg slowing their progress. Viscont choose to cover their retreat to avoid their transport from being hit by a rocket, leaving him stranded behind enemy lines.
At first it was assumed that he had been killed in action but after a week a message was sneaked through enemy chatter they had been observing. Viscont was still active, still continuing his mission as best he could. The first hint came from an intercepted report about a patrol that at first found a body dressed in the uniform that was worn by Viscont but the face had been blown away. Upon further inspection the patrol discovered too late that the body had been rigged killing almost everyone in the patrol. The survivors were later executed for incompetence.

The next report came a month later when a convoy was bombed as it was crossing a bridge over a strategically important river, when it collapsed several ammunitions trucks were momentarily lost. It didn’t seem like much when upon recovery it was discovered some equipment was missing, it was assumed at first that the river washed it away. But days later there were reports about a sniper gone AWOL.
Over the course of six months more reports came in, some involving friendly fire incidents to resistance movements and bombings, several atrocities had been photographed or otherwise recorded and sent over to tactical command as evidence. Others included reports of harassed units whose dead were at times hung along trees. Yet they were fearful of retrieving them due to the chance that their bodies had been booby trapped with explosives, on some occasions it turned out these fears were fully realized.

Viscont’s final actions during this conflict was to personally assassinate the head general after receiving a smuggled command. During the so called ‘victory’ parade the general’s second in command took a sniper round to the head, apparently saving the general’s life. Witnesses saw the muzzle flash from one of the ruined buildings and the enemy forces stormed the building. When they found the room used they discovered not a sniper but a rigged flashlight and that behind the door lay several missing explosives, stolen over the course of a couple days. Upon the explosion the general was led to be evacuated only to find their leader had been fatally shot during the chaos. As the soldiers investigated who might be responsible they found a modified news camera, hollowed out and replaced with a pistol.

Their morale shattered the enemy was forced to retreat, only then did Viscont make official and direct contact with tactical command about how they were going to pick him up now that his mission was over.

SIREN Profile

Name: Spectre

Type: Scout

Physical Description: His suit is designed to have three separate parts, the armour, the helmet and the cloak. The armour itself is lightweight and flexible to allow Viscont to move without making too much sound, it can only really hold up against small arms. It’s multiple greys allows it blend in with most backgrounds due to their neutrality however Viscont does not take risks and at times has been known to make impromptu modifications to help blend in.

The cloak covers the tell tale glow of the SIREN armour, hiding the energy source to ensure that he isn’t easily spotted when behind enemy lines. It is also designed to help keep him warm during cold climates, the cloak has been designed to ‘open’ when he is forced to boost across the battlefield. It’s also pretty water resistant, handy during rainy days when you’re stuck trying to kill a dictator out in the open.

The final part is the helmet, it’s the third lens which acts as the binocular feature allowing him to see into the distance without having to pull out his sniper rifle, it also can record or send live images to tactical-command, teammates or send it out as a general broadcast to wage psychological warfare.
The eye lenses can be moved to the side so that he can view the surroundings with his own sight or for short range sniping. The main lenses when combined with his personal sniper rifle can increase zoom.
When sniping or sneaking the lenses are simply black and don’t give away his location but when he deems necessary, he can allow them to glow a hellish orange to try and frighten his foes somewhat.

As a whole the suit is made to feel alien and devoid of humanity when look on, every detail is meant to give him an edge even psychologically when he must fight hand-to-hand.

Speed: 60mph
Strength: Medium
Defence: Low
Agility: High

Combat knife: This razor sharp blade is housed on his chest, above his heart with the handle pointed downwards. Nothing aside from how it’s worn stands out, as it is hidden under his cloak allowing him to avoid off chance reflections.

Urban Sniper rifle: This compact sniper rifle is light weight and can easily be dismantled. This is a weapon is based from his country, the metal is dull and almost non-reflective, its appearance is rather brutish when compared to more modern weapons however none can deny its effectiveness in combat. It has a flash and noise suppressor allowing him to remain undiscovered for a little while longer when close to the enemy.
-Helical magazine that holds eight bullets, the magazine is compact and allows Viscont to carry a couple with him long his body. The loading mechanism is located at the back of the rifle by the stock.
- It has a surprising effective range of 1100 yds. But this can be accounted by Viscont’s skill.
-Easily dismantled to allow for cleaning.
-The scope can be removed to become a makeshift battle-rifle but it’s only used in emergencies as it would waste his bullets.

Silenced Assault Rifle: This low-grade but durable rifle is easy to use and can endure almost any weather or terrian condition, from mud to snow, rain or sand. However the down side is the iron sights and it's large helical magazine. Viscont can only carry two extra magazines and due to the amount of ammo held, it's hard to scavenge in a hurry. Refilling these drums with bullets can take some time on the field.

Silenced SMG: A reliable SMG that has a surprising rate of fire.

Emergency Back-up
Silenced Pistol: This simply designed pistol has served Viscont well over the years. It holds the same principle of the sniper rifles design with the magazine and it’s brutish appearnace. It holds 12 rounds per drum.

Theme song: Date of Rebirth- Ghost in the shell OST
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Re: The Thanatos Effect OOC: Sign Ups Open!!!

Sat Mar 12, 2011 12:15 pm

Hah red head target practice!

Re: The Thanatos Effect OOC: Sign Ups Open!!!

Sat Mar 12, 2011 12:33 pm

I haven't finished the official review yet but there is one thing you can go ahead and fix. As a Scout you're allowed to have three weapons. Your combat knife does not count as one of these slots so you may add another gun.

Secondly, not using DART is not allowed. DART copies a weapon exactly, its flaws, its color, its scratches and dents, everything. So the argument that DART's weapons are too flashy doesn't work. In addition, we're guinea pigs for a weapons company. We don't get to choose whether or not to use the tools they provide us.

Re: The Thanatos Effect OOC: Sign Ups Open!!!

Sat Mar 12, 2011 1:44 pm

Ah, that I didn't know. And I meant the whole transformation being flashy but no worries I'll edit that.

Re: The Thanatos Effect OOC: Sign Ups Open!!!

Sat Mar 12, 2011 2:01 pm

I appreciate it. My co-GM and I should have your full review done later tonight. I don't predict there will be much to change but we'll see. Also I see you still haven't added your third weapon but just get to that whenever it's convenient.

Re: The Thanatos Effect OOC: Sign Ups Open!!!

Sat Mar 12, 2011 2:10 pm

Was working on it as you posted, wanted to continue with the whole low grade tech feel.
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Re: The Thanatos Effect OOC: Sign Ups Open!!!

Sat Mar 12, 2011 2:18 pm

Ah, I see, my mistake then. Remember you will be able to swap out weapons as we go so keep that in mind if you ever feel like trying something new.

Re: The Thanatos Effect OOC: Sign Ups Open!!!

Sat Mar 12, 2011 2:20 pm

But... why would you take low grade tech, when we're testing high tech stuff?
Thats like saying you're going to test a Ferrari in a residential area

Just saying :3

Re: The Thanatos Effect OOC: Sign Ups Open!!!

Sat Mar 12, 2011 2:24 pm

Simple cultural differences, prejudice and distrust of different weapons, you know those kind of reasons :P.

Re: The Thanatos Effect OOC: Sign Ups Open!!!

Sat Mar 12, 2011 2:28 pm

Actually his stuff is pretty standard issue as far as the modern military is concerned.

-Also why wouldn't you test a Ferrari in a residential area? It's not exciting if there's no chance of a huge flaming explosion coupled with severe injury and death.

Re: The Thanatos Effect OOC: Sign Ups Open!!!

Sun Mar 13, 2011 1:44 am

Alright we have our first batch of accepted characters.

@Iris: Accepted, welcome aboard. If you like you can up your SIRENs speed to 70 mph since I believe you were toning it down to justify his not using of DART?

@Asmo: Also accepted however there is one more change I'd like for you to consider which I'll be PMing to your shortly.

Re: The Thanatos Effect OOC: Sign Ups Open!!!

Sun Mar 13, 2011 1:52 am

Yay, first accepted characters. ^^ Welcome aboard fellas.
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