Comic Notes (Please read before posting!)-Updated 5/4/2014

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Comic Notes (Please read before posting!)-Updated 5/4/2014

Postby Blood Lord » Wed Feb 05, 2014 8:46 pm

We have a new people joining the site and bringing with them some assumptions or questions that can quite honestly make them look like an idiot. BeeAre, an administrator for the site and a writer on Bleed'man's team, often reveals facts and other information about the comics in the site that is critical in understanding the comics and what is going on with them. So this is a effort to dispel some myths, misconceptions and assumptions about the comics, and work to spread some of this information.

Note that there is absolutely no spoilers in this. This will also be updating as time goes on with newer or updated questions.

0. Comic updates.
A lot of people log on and ask things like "When is the comic going to update?" and similar spirited questions.

To be perfectly honest, we have no idea. You know just as much as we do on that situation. The artists and their staff all have lives of their own with jobs, family and other projects in between. Plus these pages can take some time to create. It can take anywhere from a couple of days to a few months for a update to be uploaded to the site. It just depends on what is going on.

So kick back, relax, and spend sometime in the rest of the forums as you wait with the rest of us.

1. Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi (PpGD) and Grim Tales (GT) are NOT connected.
Despite the conclusions you can take away from reading the PpGD and GT comic by Bleedman, they are not connected together. GT is not the future and PpGD is not the past. They are two separate universes on two alternate timelines. So consider them separate universes. At some point the comics do share a origin where the timeline was one. This separation will be explained in a future story arc explaining how Samurai Jack ended up in the PpGD, and takes place in the past predating both comics. This has been confirmed by the PpGD writer, BeeAre.

2. Contacting Bleedman
Bleedman does not visit the forums. So leaving messages for him in the forums is like spray painting under a rock and hoping the President of the United States comes and sees.

If you want to contact Bleedman, your best bet is through his email or DeviantArt account:

3. What does the bomb in PpGD do? Is it going to go off?
We have no idea what the bomb EXACTLY does. We do know that it has something to do with time and potentially space as indicated by the comic and by BeeAre. The bomb has gone off in the comic, it is safe to assume that it will.

4. Bleedman's Team
Bleedman does the artwork for his comics, but much of the story is co developed with other members and changes through the years. Currently, the people assisting him with is projects are:
BeeAre - Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi
NEK - Grim Tales and Sugar Bits

5. Sugar Bits
Right now, we have the return of one of Bleedman's original works, Sugar Bits. NEK has taken up the writing for DMajor, who passed away from cancer last year. Right now, it is unclear if Sugar Bits is going to be a reboot or a continuation with a new arc.

6. Invader Zim: Manifest Doom - Is it going to continue?
Before you ask, no, Invader Zim: Manifest Doom is not presently updating and it is unknown when or if it will ever continue. So don't hold your breath.

The original creator, Happy, abandoned it and moved on with her life. Bleedman was attempting to pick it up, but has abandoned it to turn attention onto his own projects.

Should you have any questions or concerns about the site, please contact a moderator or just ask in a thread.
Please read our rules: viewtopic.php?f=17&t=55613

7. "I want <blank> to be in the comic!"
Cool, honestly, we don't care. But I can promise you, you aren't the first one to suggest a certain character to be in the comics, specifically PpGD.

The above topic was handled to contain such requests. You can click and submit your ideas there. As a general thing, no anime even PpGZ, Ben 10 and related works, or KND.

The Snafu Wiki IS NOT a officially sanctioned program or website that has been authorized by Snafu-Comics. It's a fan collaboration, and while it is a kind gesture, it is not recognized as being part of Snafu, despite its claims. Anything found on that site is opinion and should not be valued as being law.
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